Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles G.I.Joe 12" Beachhead Review

Just took some pics of  my Sideshow Collectibles Beachhead for this short review so here we go :)

From the bios on the box:
As a young boy, Wayne R. Sneeden was tormented by his peers and lived a poverty-stricken life in Auburn, Alabama. He persevered to graduate as high school valedictorian, but he was far from showing others just how much he could achieve. He went through Airborne and Ranger school in the U.S.Army, and his chracter was tested when he took a dangerous assignment as a Covert Ops advisor in Central America. His Advance training and skill caught the attention of the G.I.JOE team, America's most elite fighting squadron, and Sneeden adopted the code name BEACHHEAD as he became the team's ranger. He quickly gained a reputation as a composed and stalwart soldier, holding himself and his fellow Joes to extremely high standards.

Beachhead's fellow soldiers have the utmost respect for him,though he has not risen through the ranks of the G.I.JOE team like many of his peers. He does whatever it takes to accomplish a mission - even if that means displaying a certain amount of contempt for rules and regulations. As a result, he is always first on the field to lay down fire against COBRA's armies and the last to leave until each of his fellow men and women in uniform are safe and sound.

The Head sculpt is very well done and expresses the characteristics of the character well. His red beret slots into a upper left sleeve on his assault vest.

Fully Loaded Up and holding his Laser rifle

This figure uses the new SideShow Prometheus v1.2 body with 30+ POA (points of articulation) &
outfit consists of :
  1. Green Commando Sweater with detailed patches
  2. Detailed Pants with pockets
  3. Assault Vest
  4. Assault Backpack (attaches to back of vest, no slings)
  5. Dog Tags with inscriptions
  6. Climbing rope
  7. Shoulder Name tape patches
  8. Buckle top combat boots
  9. 3 sets of interchangeable gloved hands
  10. Figure stand with G.I.JOE Logo
Assembling the base figure with the above mention outfit is quite easy and straight forward even if you have little or no experience with 12" figures. There is no instruction manual so you'll have to use the box pics for reference. The only slight tricky part is the backpack which have to be latched to 4 rings on the back of the vest. I would suggest using a pincer if you have "Big Flimsy" hands like me lol.

Robinson Arms XCR Short Barrel Rifle

Now for the best part ....the weapons:
  1. x02 M-67 Fragmentation grenades
  2. x02 Flash Bangs
  3. Tactical Railed Crossbow - Hip Quiver
  4. Tactical Crossbow Bolts & Cage
  5. .45 Caliber 1911 Pistol
  6. x05 .45 magazines
  7. Laser Rifle
  8. Combat Knife with Sheath
  9. Robinson Arms XCR Short Barrel Rifle with :-
  • Folding stock
  • One point sling 
  • x05 30-round Magpul P-Mag Magazines
  • M68 Close Combat Optic
  • x03 Optics magnifier with flip to side mount                                                                    
Now there is a place for every piece of equipment mentioned above except the Laser rifle. Personally i don't like the Laser rifle as it looks out of place with the figure.There is a pouch for the pistol, every frag grenade and spare magazines. The flash bangs can be hung on the belt on the vest.The crossbow can be detached into two pieces and the main body goes into the backpack while the quiver can be looped on the side of the backpack. The bolts slot into the cage around the waist.Last but not least attach the sling to the rifle and your're set to go.
the whole process took me about 2 hrs plus as i like to put together my figures slowly enoying every minute of it.

Note that the base body is a new version that sideshow just released. Unlike the older ones like the one with India Jones figure which had loose joints this one is tight and solid.Thumbs up sideshow! Their quality have improved alot since indy.


Tactical crossbow bolts and cage

Final impressions: With a solid base body, cool gear & weapons this is a must get for all G.I.Joe and beachhead fans. It would also easily blend in with your 12" army collections lol.
 I hope this review was useful to you and if you have any feedbacks or questions do drop a comment so that i can improve as i go along. till next time ...YO JOE!!!! 

" Most folks will get mad on occasion or at least get irritable - not Beachhead. He thinks anger is a waste of time and energy. Rage clouds the vision and pollutes logic. Fury impairs judgement and makes you careless. The results of anger are totally unacceptable to Beachhead. He doesn't get angry ... he gets even."