Friday, December 17, 2010

Revoltech Queens Blade #007 Alleyne Review

I've a lot of other lines of figure that i collect and the Revoltech & Figma anime figures are one of my favs.They are smaller (so don't need a lot of space to display) and offer tons of accessory and POA.
I have followed Revoltech's Queens Blade series since the beginning till now and i must say they offer a good alternate take on medieval anime feel. I got attracted to the series after watching the anime both season 1 & 2 and playing the PSP game "Queens Blade Spiral Chaos".

From wikipedia " Alleyne/Allean (アレイン Arein?): One of the oldest and most seasoned veteran warriors of a tribe of forest elves, Alleyne is taciturn and blunt in her dealings with others. She's had a long relationship with Echidna, who she often chastises for her loose ways but is mocked in return for her inexperience with men. The appearance of the half-elf Nowa in the forest elf community marked a turning point for Alleyne, who appointed her "guardian of the forest". The elf village elders did not approve however, and drove her from the village with the excuse that she must join the Queen's Blade tournament. Distraught, Alleyne secretly set out for the tournament as well, to protect the girl whose sudden appearance had awoken feelings long dormant in the veteran elven warrior"

If you're more interested in everything Queens Blade, you can follow this link

Now all Revoltech Queens Blade figures come with the option of a "S" mode and a "M" mode
"S" mode is basically the normal figure which you can pose all sorts of poses and stuff. "M: mode is where things get interesting...its basically heiki mode where the battle damage accessories & facial expressions come into play.  As i have young readers reading this blog, i won't be covering the "M" mode of all my Queens blade reviews.
This set comes with Alleyne figure, 3 extra hands, 1 extra face, spear weapon, battle damaged inter-changeable costume, display stand  and the standard orange revoltech box for keeping loose accessories.

The figure comes with removable hat and cloak.The POA of revoltechs are well known to be one of the best in the market so this line is no exception. A lot of poses can be achieved if you're patience enough to try.
Some more dramatics pose may require you to remove the whole limb from the figure and reposition the joint.

The paint application for the figure is consistent and great(you can click on the image for a better view) and represent the character well. The default expression of the figure is also ok in my opinion.

Hats off
The removable hat and cloak is a great plus as it gives you the opportunity for more poses.
Even the hair got joints for posing

Her weapon is a unique two headed mace like spear. Which also is well represented.
The display stand however is not as great as the joints of the holder are loose so you can forget about mid-air and super extreme poses.

Overall a great figure and i love the POAs that Revoltech Queens Blade figures come with complete with cool weapons and paint app. I would give it a perfect score if it had came with a more solid display stand like those that comes with Figma figures.Oh well one cannot expect too much eh? :P If you like Queens Blade i strongly recommend this line!!

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