Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hot Toys MMS130 Berserker Predator (out of box preview)

This beauty is the latest addition to my little predator tribe :).Boy is he a beauty!
Anyways couldn't resist so took a few snaps n decided to post it up and share.
will do a more detailed review later :)

My little Predator tribe:)
 Last but not least a picture of my tribe.From left to right : She-Predator Machiko, Lost Predator, Predator (classic), Berserker Predator & Wolf Predator.Would have loved to add Scar Predator but i started collecting late so missed that one:(


  1. nice! esp the first 1, fierce

  2. Thxs! I'll be reviewing the whole tribe later so stay tuned.Cheers!