Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday blues...

Its Monday again ... the start of another week, here's a couple more pics from my older saint seiya archives maybe i'll start doing mini review of some of my newer figures soon :)

Up first is my seiya appendix doing the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken (Pegasus Meteor Fist) Pose :)
Seiya Appendix

Here's some pics of the 3 "lesser" bronze saints that i feel are underrated :P. Anyways their cloths are simpler and not too complicated thus giving them more possibility options:). Personally i like these 3 as their simplicity give you a very anime feel to the figure
Hydra cloth

Hydra bare his claws
Unicorn cloth
Helmets Off

And this is one of my favs from the tv series as the Asgardian God Warriors are added in as a tv special not in the manga. These 8 god robes bring a fresh feel to the series as their robes are not one uniform colour like the others. This is the leader of the pac Dubhe Alpha Siegfried .
Odin Sword!!

Up next we have Ex pope Shion resurrected from the dead by hades wearing a surplice version of his original aries gold cloth. Ironically hades resurected 6 dead gold saints to claim athena's head but it turned out that the gold saints' loyalty can never be turned and it was shion that ultimately gave seiya and company the chance to retaliate as he resurrected their damaged cloths.

Stardust Revolution!

Shion when he was the Pope of Santuary
Pope Shion

Well thats it for now...i'll post some more pics tomorrow C'ya!!