Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art-Figures 005 1/6 Avenger (The Punisher) Review

This figure arrived last weekend at my local toy shop and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed when I POed it few months ago. As I already have a Warzone Punisher figure which I reviewed here a few months back. I was thinking maybe using this figure to bash/combine with the old one ...
But when I opened it up at the shop to check the contents inside, first glaze at the head sculpt and I said to myself wow...

That's definitely Thomas Jane from The Punisher movie. And I just can't wait to free this fig from his box lol.
So here we are, the review for my second Art-Figures Punisher.

Friday, November 11, 2011

threea 1/12 Monet 0G Armstrong Outdoor Photofun II

Hi folks i'll post the 2nd part of this little robot's first outdoor photofun here.
This is the first toy in my collection that i ever brought outdoors for photoshoots and i'm liking it so far lol.
In this post, Monet dumbs his usual gear and brings a courier bag and sniper rifle instead.

threea WWRp 1/12 Monet 0G Armstrong Outdoor Photofun I

Hi all! I had alot of fun with my 1st out of box Monet Armstrong robot in-house so now it's time to take him outdoors lol.
I have shot a lot of pics with this little fella and thrust me when you start you don't know when to stop haha.
All these pics are taken with my iPhone so bear with me if they seem crappy...
I'll split the pics into 2 posts.
Scroll down & enjoy! :) Cheers!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

threea 1/12 Monet 0G Armstrong testshots

Just got this threeA 1/12 Worldwar Robot portable (and his 3 other brothers) last night and I must say, this figure is a articulated paradise lol. Anyways before I do a review on him here's a few test shots from this morning.

threeA Armstrong Morning Photofun


This morning before I had my breakfast a thought shot right past me haha. So heres to share
My Monet Armstrong prepares coffee lol.Here's Mr M and a fresh cup of McCafe....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Three A 1/6 SPARC Slicer Tomorrow King Baka Review

Hi folks, i'll be reviewing my first 3A Toys 1/6 figure on this post. It's from Ashley Wood's Popbot line, Slicer Tomorrow King Baka! I saw a lot of nice pics of this badboy online and it was one of those " i just got to have this" feeling at first sight. I got this figure from  a local Ebayer and how did it feel in hand? :)