Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art-Figures 005 1/6 Avenger (The Punisher) Review

This figure arrived last weekend at my local toy shop and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed when I POed it few months ago. As I already have a Warzone Punisher figure which I reviewed here a few months back. I was thinking maybe using this figure to bash/combine with the old one ...
But when I opened it up at the shop to check the contents inside, first glaze at the head sculpt and I said to myself wow...

That's definitely Thomas Jane from The Punisher movie. And I just can't wait to free this fig from his box lol.
So here we are, the review for my second Art-Figures Punisher.

Nothing fancy here, flip-open book style box with magnets

The figure and contents are held in place via cut out foam.

Head Sculpt:
The head sculpt is amazing for this figures' price ( around 1/2 of what bigger companies charges)
It easily rivals some of the best in the market. The paint apps is also great. I was quite impressed with the Warzone Stevenson head sculpt but this is much better! Thumbs up Art-Figures!

The costume of thus figure is also very well made and tailored.
The fabric for the T shirt is soft and the skull emblem is printed on nicely with a bit of weathering.

He spots a usual tac pants with a belt.

His pair of shoes is moulded and a pair of black socks is also included.

The outer black trench coat is made with faux leather if i'm not mistaken as it feels soft also and theres a wire running at the bottom for posing purposes. There are a few straps sewn on here and there which is a plus as you can attach more stuffs on him for expansion lol. theres also 2 working pockets one on each side.

Weapon Holders:
first there's a side leg hostler, just your standard leg hostler with 1strap for belt to go through and 2 buckle straps for securing on the thigh.

Secondly we have the brown shoulder hostler, the tailoring is good for this hostler and both pistol magazines and pistol can be kept and removed easily without opening the securing straps.

First we have the M4 machine gun with removable magazine.This gun is moulded with no working parts, except 3 pieces of guards at the front part. there's a scope that comes with it but both covers on my scope keeps falling off and they also don't 'click' onto the scope. Then there's the M203 grenade launcher attachment which slides onto the neck bottom part.Mine keeps falling off again sigh. there's also a 40mm grenade included. Lastly put the sling on and assembly's complete for the M4 machine gun.

Next we have two SW 1911 pistols with sliver silencers. Unlike the M4, these have working chambers.
4 sliver magazines is also included.

Thirdly we have the M870 shotgun with working reload handle.

Last but not least a unique curved pocket knife (looks like a karambit). this knife is nicely made and can be folded. It also has a clip on the back.

Here's mr.P all geared up without his trench coat.

the POAs of this figure is pretty much the same as the Warzone Punisher with the standard joints at the neck, shoulders,elbows, wrists, mid torso, waist, hips,
knees and ankles.

This figure bends better at the mid body region as he doesn't have a Kevlar vest on.
he also has a pair of bendy hands which is also a plus so we can pose his hands any way we want.

Overall Impression:
This figure is a sleeper hit in my opinion. The final product turned out better than the proto pictures portrayed  the figure.
If you are a big Punisher fan? Missed the 1st 'Saves' Warzone Punisher figure? Thomas Jane Fan? or just want the parts for bashing, i strongly recommend this figure. At a comfortable price point and great quality product, you can't go wrong. Grab em' before they're a;; gone lol.
Till next time, enjoy the rest of the pics that i have prepared...Ciao & Have a nice day!!

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  1. Nice review! He is a damn nice figure though I think the head Sculpt while nice doesn't look enough like Thomas Jane, the Ray Stevenson sculpt was a lot better in my Opinion. This head sculpt would make a great generic Comic Book Punisher. I agree on the M16 everything falls off of it! I gave up and glued everything in place.

  2. nice kit! good buy, personally i loke the experssion on the face

  3. Glad I PO'ed this guy. I definitely see Thomas Jane in some of your shots. It's great that Art Figures prototypes (especially the headsculpts) still look the same even when mass produced unlike HotToys...

  4. Yeah, the head sculpt looks great by my standards (but to each his own i guess). So far i have 2 AF figures and both headsculpts turned out ok. So yeah this is a company to keep an eye out for lol. I hope they do a Dolph Punisher though :)