Friday, November 4, 2011

Three A 1/6 SPARC Slicer Tomorrow King Baka Review

Hi folks, i'll be reviewing my first 3A Toys 1/6 figure on this post. It's from Ashley Wood's Popbot line, Slicer Tomorrow King Baka! I saw a lot of nice pics of this badboy online and it was one of those " i just got to have this" feeling at first sight. I got this figure from  a local Ebayer and how did it feel in hand? :)

 I'm late into 3A Toys but hey, it's never too late to start right?
Out of the box Baka is already dressed with his basic gear and clothes.
Here's a few pics with his waist pouches and grenade holders removed.

3A is well known for their weathering paint apps and i must say they live up to their rep.
Everything has weathered effects, Hair, face, body, gloves shoes, clothing, belts EVERYTHING.

Even without his gear he looks awesome!

I have never read a Popbot comic before but from whatever information i have gathered online, these 'Tomorrow Kings' are clones bred to fight against Mortis robots. The simple but artistic head sculpt gives a very comical feel to the overall figure.

He spots a very anime-like hair sculpt, with closed eye(Tomorrow Kings trademark i guess) bearing a scar.
The weathering on his face gives a sense that this character has been fighting non-stop...

His over-sized gloves are nicely sculpted and blends with the overall feel of the character well.
Paint app and weathering also top notch here.

Shoes on this figure is also well made with a soft plastic/vinyl material and nicely painted.

Now to put his waist pouch and grenade holders back on...
He has 3 waist pouches, one on each side and one on the back.

The grenade holder is basically two straps one on each side suspending on a waist belt.
Now to the thing that makes this figure stands out... His weapons!

Baka only has 2 type of weapons, First is a pair of 'Slicers' that's connected via a wire to a large battery which comes with a harness for back packing.

The paint apps on this battery is insane! My pictures don't do it any justice, on hand looks much better lol.

Baka's second weapons of choice, 21 grenades. Each nicely painted with a rings attached.

Now that our gears up time to fill the grenades...

Grenades can fit anywhere from the shoulder straps, to the grenade holders to the slots on his pants.
Hey you can even store 'em in his waist pouches so plenty of options there.

Now there's more than enough slots to put the grenades so can fill it any way you want. With that said and done, slip up his bandanna to cover his mouth and you're set! Does he look awesome or what? By the way i slot his blades one to each side of his grenade holders via an empty slot.

 His bandanna has a wire running through it so you can adjust it to fit snug and nice.

So he looks awesome with all that gear on? We know any figure can look awesome (on neutral pose) with this type of gear on, but can they pose 'Awesome'?

The joints on this figure is tight and solid. It gives you a confident feel to the durability of this figure. so I tried bending Baka's knees to his limit and i managed this...

So here's a few more action shots...

Overall impressions: This is a very well designed meets practical figure in my opinion.
Solid articulation,great paint apps/weathering, solid sculpt work, and cool weapons.Oh it comes with a giant poster also.
What more can i say? God bless Ashley Wood for inventing this story/toy line and i'm hooked on 3A Toys as of now lol. Ciao for now!

After a hard day of photoshoot...Baka takes a break


  1. beautiful shots! i am in lover

  2. Hi, how did u get the back on? Mine arrived today and I'm unsure about unsnapping it in the middle?