Friday, October 28, 2011

Custom 1/6 Ms Marvel

I just put together this Ms Marvel bash last weekend as i'm dedicating a shelf space for my 1/6 Avengers team. Ms Marvel is one of my favourite female avenger of all time next to Mockingbird.
Since Captain America is already on his way, it's time to assemble the Avengers.
Finally i have a reason to crank out my Thor and Black Widow whom are still in their boxes lol.
Anyway this post is about Ms Marvel, the 1st female avenger at Nekotoyz

A little back story: Carol Danvers is an officer of the US Airforce before she's caught in an explosion of Kree device. This led to Danvers possessing superhuman strength, endurance, stamina and physical durability. She also gained the ability to fly and thus becoming Ms Marvel. She's been affiliated with the Avengers and X-men.

I bashed this figure using a base small breast TTL female body, TraidToys Otaku Caucasian head and misc ZC girls hands and loose clothing bits i have lying here and there.

I wanted to use a bodysuit (up till neck) that is more like the actual character, but it ended up looking like she has no neck so i used this version instead.

As i'm more of an articulation junkie over 'Looks and hidden joints' i customed this figure to have max articulations :)

Fly Baby Fly!

Last but not least, The removable mask that is a must in my opinion haha.

I made the mask with a piece of flexible plastic sheet and attach with a little bit of Blutac. So wahlah! A easy D.I.Y removable mask.

Overall i'm happy with how she turned out. Although a bit Barbie doll like and not a picture perfect Ms Marvel, i'll have two female Avengers in my team when Cap arrives lol.
More pics of Ms Marvel when i add more Avengers.
So until next time, have a nice day folks!!

Ms Marvel and Ironman

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  1. Wow this is one of the finer bashes I've seen of late...! Nicely done.