Friday, December 24, 2010

Revoltech Queen's Blade Extra, Queen's Gate: Alice "The Gate Opener" Review

Geez i'm doing alot of Queens Blade review recently :). Guess i'll do another today which i have displayed for some time. This is the latest (hopefully not the last as its been quiet recently) release from Kaiyodo. The 1st entry into the Queen's GATE line: Alice the gate opener. I'm not sure why Kaiyodo don't finish up the remaining QB characters first? Already 11 figures into the main QB line.....hmmm. Anyways just be contented with what we have lol.
I don't know anything about Alice as she's not in the anime but i can tell you this is one cute litte badass chick. I pre-ordered her on 1st sight, as she comes with a ton of interchangeable accessories.

Like my two other QB reviews on the sculpt work, this figure is no exception.the details that have been put into this figure is solid.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Revoltech Queens Blade #009 Cattleya Review

The next figure in my Revoltech Queens Blade collection which i'll be reviewing is the gal with everything HUGE.....Cattleya!
I've read online about mixed review about this figure but all and all i think it's a well done figure which represents the anime counterpart well. What's huge about Cattle you say? well the first thing you notice (you can't miss it boys) Are her frontal assets...what can i say? Must be the largest in my collection of this scale XD. Next is the huge thighs and butt to compliment the front. Last but not least which is my favourite about this figure is her weapon the enormous "Giant Killer Sword"!

A little back story: "A former Adventurer, Cattleya settled down with Blacksmith and her fellow Adventurer husband Owen. They ran a shop and have a son name Rana. Their happiness was destroyed when Owen disappeared. Cattleya adventures to find him now, with Rana by her side. Cattleya fights with the enormous two-handed sword "Giant-Killer." Her combat ability is hampered by Rana constantly clinging about her knees" (taken from

Now on to the review!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 12" Evelyn Salt Bash

Been very busy with work lately but managed to watch 3 dvd movies over the weekend to cool off & relax :). They are Knight & Day, The Losers and Salt. After watching Salt which is a intense spy thriller starring Angelina Jolie , i was inspired to put together a quick bash of the character and walah! :)

Here's Evelyn with her M4A1
(with M93stock) ready to strike.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Revoltech Queens Blade #007 Alleyne Review

I've a lot of other lines of figure that i collect and the Revoltech & Figma anime figures are one of my favs.They are smaller (so don't need a lot of space to display) and offer tons of accessory and POA.
I have followed Revoltech's Queens Blade series since the beginning till now and i must say they offer a good alternate take on medieval anime feel. I got attracted to the series after watching the anime both season 1 & 2 and playing the PSP game "Queens Blade Spiral Chaos".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hottoys Dx Michael Jackson Mini Review II

I haven't been posting much lately as i'm tied up with work but managed to squeeze some time off last night to strip MJ lol. Anyways here's part II of  my photo review of Hottoys Dx Michael Jackson without his jacket and in his Dirty Diana alternate costume.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hottoys DX Michael Jackson Mini Review I

Up on my blog today is the King Of Pop Michael Jackson DX figure from Hottoys. This is the 3rd DX figure of their line .The first two  being Joker & Batman.

Quote from Nelson George "In pop music it's not uncommon for an artist to burst on the scene with a dynamic record,be hailed as some sort of genius and then, just a few years later, be tossed on the scrap heap of history. Before you know it  "the genius" is a trivia question. America can burn through pop stars like a match does kindling.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles G.I.Joe 12" Beachhead Review

Just took some pics of  my Sideshow Collectibles Beachhead for this short review so here we go :)

From the bios on the box:
As a young boy, Wayne R. Sneeden was tormented by his peers and lived a poverty-stricken life in Auburn, Alabama. He persevered to graduate as high school valedictorian, but he was far from showing others just how much he could achieve. He went through Airborne and Ranger school in the U.S.Army, and his chracter was tested when he took a dangerous assignment as a Covert Ops advisor in Central America. His Advance training and skill caught the attention of the G.I.JOE team, America's most elite fighting squadron, and Sneeden adopted the code name BEACHHEAD as he became the team's ranger. He quickly gained a reputation as a composed and stalwart soldier, holding himself and his fellow Joes to extremely high standards.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SIC vol 20 Another Agito

This is one of my favourites from my collection of SIC kamen riders.I have picked a few photos from my archive to share with you guys, so here it is :)

Detailing is just awesome



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heroic Face: Castor Troy & Sean Archer from Face Off

World of Warcraft Cataclysm launched today so i messed around with a new race in the game....the goblins.I played till i hit lvl 6 and thus far the story is lighthearted n funny unlike previous installments.After opening my Berserker predator i decided to open another recent haul of mine.Face from Heroic.

Cage & Travolta best of buddies

Note this set only comes with one figure but two head sculpts. I used my tony stark bash body for Sean Archer(Travolta right). The gem of this set is the Castor Troy(Cage) figure and he comes readily dressed minus the twin gun hostler. Castor is just so cool as he comes with a golden watch, a pair of custom sculpted hands with rings and a pair of golden handguns

the glasses that came with the set don't really look good on Castor in my opinion so i gave Castor Tony Stark's glasses.

Castor with original glasses

Hot Toys MMS130 Berserker Predator (out of box preview)

This beauty is the latest addition to my little predator tribe :).Boy is he a beauty!
Anyways couldn't resist so took a few snaps n decided to post it up and share.
will do a more detailed review later :)

My little Predator tribe:)
 Last but not least a picture of my tribe.From left to right : She-Predator Machiko, Lost Predator, Predator (classic), Berserker Predator & Wolf Predator.Would have loved to add Scar Predator but i started collecting late so missed that one:(

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday blues...

Its Monday again ... the start of another week, here's a couple more pics from my older saint seiya archives maybe i'll start doing mini review of some of my newer figures soon :)

Up first is my seiya appendix doing the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken (Pegasus Meteor Fist) Pose :)
Seiya Appendix

Here's some pics of the 3 "lesser" bronze saints that i feel are underrated :P. Anyways their cloths are simpler and not too complicated thus giving them more possibility options:). Personally i like these 3 as their simplicity give you a very anime feel to the figure
Hydra cloth

Hydra bare his claws
Unicorn cloth
Helmets Off

And this is one of my favs from the tv series as the Asgardian God Warriors are added in as a tv special not in the manga. These 8 god robes bring a fresh feel to the series as their robes are not one uniform colour like the others. This is the leader of the pac Dubhe Alpha Siegfried .
Odin Sword!!

Up next we have Ex pope Shion resurrected from the dead by hades wearing a surplice version of his original aries gold cloth. Ironically hades resurected 6 dead gold saints to claim athena's head but it turned out that the gold saints' loyalty can never be turned and it was shion that ultimately gave seiya and company the chance to retaliate as he resurrected their damaged cloths.

Stardust Revolution!

Shion when he was the Pope of Santuary
Pope Shion

Well thats it for now...i'll post some more pics tomorrow C'ya!!

My Bloggin' Begins:)

Saint Seiya Final Cloth Hyoga

Hi all! I'm not really good at computer stuffs but decided to start a blog to share photos and mini reviews of my toy collection. I collect Figmas, revoltechs, SIC mask riders, Wrestling figures, Marvel legends, transformers and 1/6 figures.Hope you guys will like wat i have to publish... anyways to kick things off heres a few pics from my collection :)

Marvel Legends Ghost Rider



Medicom 1/6 Ghost Rider


Medicom Luke Skywalker

Saint Seiya Unicorn Cloth

Marvel Legends Avengers

SIC Kamen Rider Knight


Joker & Quinn

Saint Seiya Hades Collection

Well thats all for now ... do drop a line if you guys have any feedbacks or comments cheers!!