Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hottoys Dx Michael Jackson Mini Review II

I haven't been posting much lately as i'm tied up with work but managed to squeeze some time off last night to strip MJ lol. Anyways here's part II of  my photo review of Hottoys Dx Michael Jackson without his jacket and in his Dirty Diana alternate costume.

The amount of details that Hottoys replicated is one of the best i've seen so far.
To remove the outer jacket you will first need to plug out both his fists & guantlets. Next remove the jacket SLOWLY as he has straps & buckles on both his biceps & left shoulder. I could see the one on his left shoulder but the biceps caught me totally off guard. So remove slowly to avoid damaging those.

Now for the alternate costume...Dirty Diana!

to put this on is a little bit tricky..i've read online that you have to remove his 4 belts to accomplish this but i only removed one to get the job done:) Heres what i did , simply remove the topmost belt (eagle buckle) and then push all the remaining 3 belts downwards preferably to groin level.Remove the black t-shirt, now put on his white T-shirt and un-velcro his pants if necessary to tuck it in.

Once you've done that, put back on the belt that you 've removed earlier first. After that start to push the 3 remaining belts upwards.Do all the necessary adjustments then put on the outer white shirt, followed by the guantlets and finally the hands. There you are done.

Personally i find this alternate costume to be better as it's more striking and allows even more posibility options. The black hat that you see here is not included in the set. It's from my Spirit figure :).

I like this set a lot.Great details, PERS, great articulation, alternate costume and a light up display stand. Would have been even better if Hottoys added a microphone wireless mic lol. You can pose him in a lot of different iconic stances that you like as well. All said and done, thumbs up Hottoys for delivering yet another masterpiece in memorial of THE POP ICON!

Dx Light-up stand