Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hottoys DX Michael Jackson Mini Review I

Up on my blog today is the King Of Pop Michael Jackson DX figure from Hottoys. This is the 3rd DX figure of their line .The first two  being Joker & Batman.

Quote from Nelson George "In pop music it's not uncommon for an artist to burst on the scene with a dynamic record,be hailed as some sort of genius and then, just a few years later, be tossed on the scrap heap of history. Before you know it  "the genius" is a trivia question. America can burn through pop stars like a match does kindling.

The only reasonable for judging a career then, is not hits collected over a short period of time, but by the body of work constructed over time in the face of changing taste and generations.Enduring greatness is manifest not over two year so or even five, but spans a decade or two. It embraces an artist's maturation and evolution.It becomes a document of a life in search of excellence and self expression.
Combining focus and talent in service to an idea of sonic perfection, Michael Jackson has enbodied the idea of a creator who's made his mark by producing a long, deep catalogue of quality music."

Michael Jackson one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential  artist of all time, leaves an indelible imprint on popular music and culture.
Five of Jackson's solo albums- "Off The Wall", "Thriller", "Bad", "Dangerous" and "HIStory", are among the top sellers of all time. During his extraordinary career,he sold an estimated 750 million records worldwide, released 13 No.1 singles and became one of a handful of artist to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.The Guinness Entertainer of All Time and "Thriller" as the Biggest Selling Album of All Time. Jackson won 13 Grammy awards and received the American Music Award's Artist of the Century Award.
MJ started in the music business at the age of 11 with his brothers as a member of the Jackson 5. In the early 1980s, he defined the art form of music video with such ground-breaking videos as "Billy Jean", "Beat It" and the epic "Thriller." Jackson's sound, style and dance moves inspired subsequent generations of pop, soul, R&B and hip-hop artists.

The front panel of the box opens to reveal the 1st layer: the "Bad" single.

 Remove the first layer to reveal the second layer: Michael in all his "Bad" days glory.

Remove that and you have the last layer with the DX stand, extra hands and "Dirty Diana" costume:)

The detail of the costume is simply astonishing.
Every buckle and ring is real and not sculpted.The belts around his waist are also individual and not a whole sculpted piece. The material that Hottoys used for the clothing  is thin & solid fitted with no loose baggage so it gives a feel of realism.
                                         The Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) in action

The posesability of this figure is great with minor restriction on the elbow area if you have the jacket on. All other areas like the legs and body you can almost do the anything a true type nude body can do.
Swapping the hands can be a little tricky as the pegs are covered with a thin piece of overlay. I would suggest you to pop the hands without removing the pegs as putting the overlay back on might be a pain in the @$$ if you have big hands like me lol.


I would recommend this figure to all MJ fans out there. It doesn't get any better than this...well at least for now lol. I would do another review with the "Dirty Diana" costume later. Bye Bye :)