Thursday, December 23, 2010

Revoltech Queens Blade #009 Cattleya Review

The next figure in my Revoltech Queens Blade collection which i'll be reviewing is the gal with everything HUGE.....Cattleya!
I've read online about mixed review about this figure but all and all i think it's a well done figure which represents the anime counterpart well. What's huge about Cattle you say? well the first thing you notice (you can't miss it boys) Are her frontal assets...what can i say? Must be the largest in my collection of this scale XD. Next is the huge thighs and butt to compliment the front. Last but not least which is my favourite about this figure is her weapon the enormous "Giant Killer Sword"!

A little back story: "A former Adventurer, Cattleya settled down with Blacksmith and her fellow Adventurer husband Owen. They ran a shop and have a son name Rana. Their happiness was destroyed when Owen disappeared. Cattleya adventures to find him now, with Rana by her side. Cattleya fights with the enormous two-handed sword "Giant-Killer." Her combat ability is hampered by Rana constantly clinging about her knees" (taken from

Now on to the review!!

The sculpt on this figure is great. 

HEAD: The ponytail can be articulated , there is 2 hair fringe pieces one with a pair of glasses sculpted and another without. She also comes with 3 inter changeable facial expressions, 1 normal, 1 enraged & 1 for the infamous "m" mode.There is also articulation at the neck.

HANDS: there are 3 Revoltech joints one at the shoulder, elbow & wrist. Included in the set are 6 interchangeable hands (3 right & left) for various poses & sword grip.The gauntlet on her left arm is also beautifully sculpted.

BODY: Cattleya has the most unique sculpted body in my collection as all her assets are hugely proportioned. But it is well done in my opinion with two POAs 1 below breasts and 1 at the waist.
Two costumes 1 normal & 1 battle damaged also come with the set.

LEGS: There's 4 POAs in each leg, 1 Revoltech joint which connects to main body, 1 rotating joint at mid thigh, 1 Revoltech joint at knee & ankle.

WEAPON: The gem of the set. The nicely sculpted Giant Slayer Sword. The handle can be disconnected to slot into her "grip" hands for battle pose. I don't think any Queen's Blade contestant would want a direct contact with this cutie lol :P

Other ACCESSORIES: There is the standard black Revoltech Stand (with Cattleya's name), the small orange box and coin which comes with all Revoltech Queens Blade figures.

note: thats a figma stand not mine
Cattleya can stand on her own, But the stand will come in handy if you want to pose her with her Giant Killer sword. Unfortunately the stand cannot hold her for mid-air or extreme poses as the holders on the stand is loose. Revoltech should have added a clamp add-on for more difficult poses.

Brace for IMPACT!

let's get it on!
 Final Impressions: I give this figure a 4 out of 5 as a whole. The stand is what i think could have made this set great. It would have been great if they added her son also even if they made him not posesable. As they are always together. A lot of collectors out there finds that she's not perfect looking & i don't disagree. It depends on what type of collector you are. I'm the type that collects the whole set and i think she represent her anime counterpart very well from her subtle to enraged expressions. So is this figure a "GET" or a "PASS"? I would recommend it for its uniqueness but you decide :).

I hope this little review has been helpful and i'm trying to improve my reviewing skills as i go along so i'll appreciate any comments. Thxs & have a nice day!!

Queen's Blade Battle: Cattleya vs Alleyne