Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 12" Evelyn Salt Bash

Been very busy with work lately but managed to watch 3 dvd movies over the weekend to cool off & relax :). They are Knight & Day, The Losers and Salt. After watching Salt which is a intense spy thriller starring Angelina Jolie , i was inspired to put together a quick bash of the character and walah! :)

Here's Evelyn with her M4A1
(with M93stock) ready to strike.

Bash Ingredients: -TTL base women body & boots
                           -Triad Toys Head sculpt & Clothing
                           -ZC Girl gloves
                                                                      -Playhouse D-Boy red Glasses
                                                                -Hottoys Black M4A1 Rifle
                                                               -Soldier Story M9A1 Pistol
                                                -Loose Rifle Bag

Salt's weapon of choice
This is one of my most favourite gun in my collection and the detailing is top notch.

This fig is really growing on me and its my pleasure to share it with you guys hehe.
Hope you enjoyed it as i'm gonna display her in my shelf for some time.
Till next time ....have a nice day!!


  1. So now waiting for an angeline 12inch figure?

  2. HaHa i have a zc girl tomb raider bash already lah :). But if a Mrs Smith version becomes available might get lol