Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heroic Face: Castor Troy & Sean Archer from Face Off

World of Warcraft Cataclysm launched today so i messed around with a new race in the game....the goblins.I played till i hit lvl 6 and thus far the story is lighthearted n funny unlike previous installments.After opening my Berserker predator i decided to open another recent haul of mine.Face from Heroic.

Cage & Travolta best of buddies

Note this set only comes with one figure but two head sculpts. I used my tony stark bash body for Sean Archer(Travolta right). The gem of this set is the Castor Troy(Cage) figure and he comes readily dressed minus the twin gun hostler. Castor is just so cool as he comes with a golden watch, a pair of custom sculpted hands with rings and a pair of golden handguns

the glasses that came with the set don't really look good on Castor in my opinion so i gave Castor Tony Stark's glasses.

Castor with original glasses

The quality of the figure is not really top notch like hottoys' or recent sideshows' at this budget price range i guess it'll do:p. The joints on the figure are quite loose so a stand might be needed for extreme poses or if you're gonna display it.

Castor with new glasses

As for the head sculpt i feel it bears a resemblence to Nicholas Cage from Face Off. Though not perfect but good enough in my opinion.I'll let the pictures do the talking hehe


 Next up we have Sean Archer. This sculpt bears slight resemblence to Travolta in my opinion. A bit more forehead might be better.They nailed his 'double chin' perfectly though.This is a quick bash(only swaped heads lol) so it's pretty generic i guess. So does he look like Travolta? Let the pictures do the talking. Till next time ...enjoy!!



Face Off


  1. where can i buy these figures from??

  2. Do you have the names of the colors of the shirt/suit or the model of the glasses? Also I was curious if you put on the gold cufflinks, couldn't tell from the picture?