Monday, August 29, 2011

My 2 Hottoys Predator Tribes as at August 2011

The 'Classic Tribe' with yellow/orange lighting
 Hi folks! I'll share an updated roster of my Predator Tribes.I have recently started to upgrade my display shelves but due to my busy work schdule the progress is slow but i finally got the shelves up lol! Only added leds to a few of them so far but i just had to share this cool pic with you guys lol.
I have divided my preds into Classic and Black tribes as i have added 3 new predators since my last tribe post lol.

Blue lighting

So here's the Classic Tribe (from left)
Predator (Jungle Hunter)-----------------------------------Predator movie
Wolf Predator (Cleaner version)----------------------AVP Requiem movie
 Guardian (Gort)Predator----------------------------------Predator 2 movie
Shadow (Snake) Predator--------------------------------Predator 2 movie
Predator Battle damaged version (Urban Hunter)---------Predator 2 movie
The Lost Predator----------------------------------------Predator 2 movie
She Predator Machiko--------------------------------------- AVP comics

Next we have the Black Tribe (Super Predators) (from left)
(pardon me with no lighting in shelf yet lol)

Even the mighty hybrid Predalien cannot withstand the triple threat!

The Falconer Predator -----------------------------------Predators movie
  The Tracker Predator (with hound)------------------------Predators movie
  The Berserker Predator-----------------------------------Predators movie

That's all for now folks! i'll post another tribe update when the Classic Predator hits at the end of the year, Cheers! Have a nice day ya'all!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My STGCC Haul 2011

Hi all, just to share some quickie pictures of my 3 new babies from the recent STGCC 2011. It was a long tiring morning but the haul was worth the wait lol.

I have Shadow and Ironman MKIV out of box and in my showcase.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 133 Ghost Rider Review III : The Hellcycle

Just got this back from my toyshop after sending it back due to a faulty switch. Now it works great. Off to the review we go then...finally haha

This Hellcycle is a big detailed work of art. A ghost rider without his ride can't be called a ghost 'rider' now can he? Lol.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 147 1/6 Tracker Predator Review

Finally found some time and opened up this bad boy up last weekend and boy is he a stunner lol.
Being the last of the trio of super 'black' tribe predators to be released by Hottoys I've been waiting like forever to get Hottoys MMS 147 Tracker Predator. And he didn't disappoint!

Monday, August 22, 2011

STGCC 2011 My first ever visit

20th august 2011 will be a very memorable day for me as its the first time i ever visited a Toy/Game/Comic convention.. Normally i'll just view other peoples' views and opinions over the net and look at the pictures they took.
So what drove me to visit this year's STGCC? Hottoys Exclusives!! There's 3 up for grabs this year limited to 500 per design. We have the remake of the Batman Begins Batsuit/Bruce Wayne, Shadow Predator from P2 and the main 'reason' .....Ironman Mark IV (Secret Project). Lucky for me i planned this trip properly as a few fellow collectors told me to be at Suntec Convention Center early to beat the crowd.....and it paid off.

The queue infront of me @ 5:45am