Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 147 1/6 Tracker Predator Review

Finally found some time and opened up this bad boy up last weekend and boy is he a stunner lol.
Being the last of the trio of super 'black' tribe predators to be released by Hottoys I've been waiting like forever to get Hottoys MMS 147 Tracker Predator. And he didn't disappoint!

So here we go.....

He comes in the same style packaging as his two predecessors but longer in length due to his hound and of course heavier box.

Out of the box he comes almost all geared up. Just need to pop in his tusks, wrist blade and shoulder cannon and your are good to go.

The most significant difference about this predator at first sight opposed to the rest is his bio mask. It has 2 long tusks attached to it. This is a fresh take as is Falconer and Berserker which both also have unique mask designs. it also has a light up led targeting lights. The sculpt work and paint apps is also top notch.

Check out the details
These super predators don't fancy nettings but just armor on body.

The rings on his dreads are also green colored

His has armor on his shoulder and back has armor  while his abdominal area is wrapped with leather straps.

He has a pair of arm gauntlets with a interchangeable metal wrist blade on the right.

His groin and both legs also has armor on them.

Both feet has the standard super predator boots.

The paint apps for tracker is light yellowish beige/ green combo which is a nice variant from the first two super preds.His body armor is also green themed which also blends well with his body color style.

Accessories: 6 interchangeable hands are included (2 are attached to a metal chain leash for strapping the hound). 2 spare wrist pegs,3 different lengths of interchangeable metal wrist blades. a Hound, small rock and
a standard black stand with 'Predators' logo is also included.

 The Hound: this is the highlight of this set. It is not movable but it looks awesome. We need to attach the spikes to the body. Hottoys did a good job numbering each spike 1 thru 20 and with a picture in the instruction sheet.(10 spikes on each side)

After inserting the spikes you have a intimidating beast which is sculpted with a open mouth (roaring)posture.
The hound is green/brown/beige colored which again compliments the predator well.

Articulation: Tracker has the same amount of articulations as the first two. But if you pose him with the hound leashed it will be hard(not impossible though) to achieve more dynamic poses as the hound cannot be posed, with long spikes and a short leash which makes things harder.

Overall impression: what can I say? If you have Berserker and Falconer , this is a no brainer....
If you don't, This is still one unique predator who uses hounds to hunt. Tracker will make a good addition to your collection.
Hope you folks loved this little review.Ciao for now!