Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 133 Ghost Rider Review III : The Hellcycle

Just got this back from my toyshop after sending it back due to a faulty switch. Now it works great. Off to the review we go then...finally haha

This Hellcycle is a big detailed work of art. A ghost rider without his ride can't be called a ghost 'rider' now can he? Lol.

Out of the box we just need to pop in both handlebars and 3 'AAA' sized batteries for the lights and we're good to go.

The wheels beneath the flames have rubber tyres and can be turned. Other articulated parts includes the steering and the little kick stand.

Great Details on the Engine

Seat is also very detailed
The details of the whole bike is astonishing! I'm not sure if it's movie accurate or not but it just looks badass.
The sculpt work is top notch as always and Hottoys pulled this off perfectly.
Now it's time to flame on!!
The Hellcycle is lit up by multiple leds in the headlight/front wheel/ back wheel area and its very bright whether you put it in a bright or dark environment. It's even brighter than the rider's flame head lol.
I personally feels they look better without lights..what do you think?
The Spirit Of Vengeance Rides Again!

One thing to note: i used 3 normal black 'super heavy duty EverReady' batteries for this camera shoot and they almost died out within 3hrs lol.

This is one the the baddest ass figure set i ever bought and no amount of pictures will ever do the figure gotta see it in person

 I have covered the reviews for GR in part 1 and Part 2, so to sum things up as a whole ...if you dig Ghostrider or loved the movie, get this figure set haha. It totally blows the medicom one away.

I don't know what Hottoys have in store for the sequel "The Spirit of Vengeance" (hopefully a new bike like in the trailer lol) Penny for penny and pound for pound one of the best Hottoys releases so far.


  1. i am waiting for this movie long time,but my waiting is just waste 3d iffect also not be awsome i give2.5 star