Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 133 Ghost Rider Review I : Johnny Blaze

Hi all today I'll be reviewing my recently acquired Hottoys MMS 133 Ghost Rider figure and I'll start with Johnny Blaze in part 1.

A little back story (from the movie): Blaze is a stun man performing in a circus alongside his father but when he found out that his father had cancer he made a deal with the devil (Memphisto), his soul for his father's health.
The devil cured his father's cancer but took his life via a freak accident and planted the 'Spirit of Vengence' in Johnny's body so as to have him do the devil's bidding .
Blaze will burn and transform into Ghostrider when ever he's close to evil at night....

Now this set comes with a huge box! The biggest in my entire 1/6 collection lol. I thought my Predator 2 or Predalien box was big but this thwarts it. The cover features an artwork of GR on his Hellcycle

The back of the box shows the credits and a picture of the actual figure.

Open the box and and we'll see this beautiful inlay waiting for us .
A giant picture of an enraged GR and a brief description of the comic character.

After we remove the inlay we have the figure and the hellcycle secured & neatly arranged on a black plastic tray. As you can see there's no wastage of space here thumbs up Hottoys!

As i mentioned i'll cover Johnny Blaze in this review so here we have Johnny in his biker outfit.

There's a lot of debate that this headsculpt doesn't look like Nicholas Cage in the movie but i personally think it's spot on.

The sculpting and paint apps are top notch. It's a miracle Hottoys maintains such high QC standards on mass production. We get our pennies' worth.
He expression looks sad yet determined in my opinion just like in the movie.
He always tell himself : "You cannot live in fear"

Next we have the shotgun which the 'Caretaker Ghostrider' gave Blaze after his last ride.
It's nicely sculpted with a reloading system like the one that came with T-800 from T2.

The inscription on the shotgun is also a nice addition.

 Well that concludes my Part 1 review of this bad ass figure.
Stay tuned for part 2....


  1. Face really look like the real thing, very lifelike.

    when you posting pics after he transform?

    good buy once again!