Friday, May 27, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 133 Ghost Rider Review II : Ghost Rider

Hi all, today (finally!) i can post my 2nd review of this awesome figure.I did Johnny Blaze in part 1 so now it's Ghost Rider's turn! I will do Hellcycle in part 3 as GR is Cool enough to stand alone in one post lol.
anyways off to the review!!
First i'll post some pics without turning on the leds.

The sculpting of the headpiece is solid and detailed. The paint apps is also nicely done and it highlights the texture of the skull. The flame area is made of a transparent material.
He has articulations at the neck and jaw areas.
It's base body is a truetype and retains most of his POAs except around the lower limbs area as the leather pants are a bit tight.

The costume is simple but effectively brings out the character: spikes at the shoulders, gauntlets and fists, full black leather biker jacket/pants with a black shirt underneath complete with a pair of boots.
Last but not least his trademark chain.
Gauntlets are detailed and well sculpted.
Hottoys included quite a long chain (enough to go 2 rounds across body diagonally)

The hellfire shotgun is also included in this set. Its a great addition but i prefer the normal shotgun better as this piece has no moving mechanism (maybe it doesn't need reloads?) and looks a bit like a toy in my opinion.
Now it's time to Flame On!
The Led switch is located at the back of the neck. Switching it on/off may be a hassle as it's obstructed by a transparent outer 'flame' wrap around the neck. Hottoys recommends removing the whole headpiece to access the switch but i think bending the neck forward while tilting the outer wrap down will expose the hidden switch. Simply use a pincer or any strong small objects that fits in to flick the switch.
Removing the whole head is easy but putting it back in is a pain in the a$$ as the collar of the shirt always get pushed downwards by the outer wrap.
This is how GR looks in pure darkness
This is the best Ghost Rider i've seen ever, with the leds on it looks surreal.

Feel free to click on any of the pics to get a bigger view of this awesome figure and enjoy the long gallery below as i took quite a lot of pics(only half made it here though) lol.

Behold the Penance Stare!

Hoped you folks enjoyed this review lol.... stay tuned for part 3 as i wrap things up with the Hellcycle and more cross overs lol , till then ciao for now!

When 'The Spirit Of Vengeance" meets Mr P...

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