Sunday, August 28, 2011

My STGCC Haul 2011

Hi all, just to share some quickie pictures of my 3 new babies from the recent STGCC 2011. It was a long tiring morning but the haul was worth the wait lol.

I have Shadow and Ironman MKIV out of box and in my showcase.

First we have Ironman MKIV (secret project). This is pure cool!
The colors, and the box is well designed.

Here I have him on my display shelf with my other out of box Ironmen on my showcase.
Next we have Shadow Predator or 'Snake' which he is also known as.
His box style is the same as last year's exclusive Guardian Predator.

He doesn't come with a lot of accessories but being just the way he is is just cool lol. I'm happy that I'm able to add this predator to my growing tribe of hunters.

Batman begins/Bruce Wayne is still in his box as I haven't allocated a spot for my batman figs but here's a picture of his box anyways!
I'll try to do mini reviews of each figure in the near future so stay tuned.
Ciao for now!!