Monday, August 22, 2011

STGCC 2011 My first ever visit

20th august 2011 will be a very memorable day for me as its the first time i ever visited a Toy/Game/Comic convention.. Normally i'll just view other peoples' views and opinions over the net and look at the pictures they took.
So what drove me to visit this year's STGCC? Hottoys Exclusives!! There's 3 up for grabs this year limited to 500 per design. We have the remake of the Batman Begins Batsuit/Bruce Wayne, Shadow Predator from P2 and the main 'reason' .....Ironman Mark IV (Secret Project). Lucky for me i planned this trip properly as a few fellow collectors told me to be at Suntec Convention Center early to beat the crowd.....and it paid off.

The queue infront of me @ 5:45am

I arrived at around 5:45am and i can see already at least one to two hundred people queuing outside the doorway around the building haha. So i joined the queue. At 6:30am they allowed us to go in to the 3rd floor and directed the queue to the ticketing counter where everyone waited for their coupon to purchase the Hottoys Exclusives. At around 7:45am a paper was handed out to us to fill in our particulars and which figure we wanted to purchase. I decided on getting all 3 before i came so i filled'em all lol.
At around 8+am after the VIPs ticket holders have cleared it was finally our turn and the atmosphere changed immediately. At 9:15am i reached the counter and got my coupon at long last after 3+hrs of wait.

Queue @ 9:20am
 Looking back at the queue i estimated at least 300 to 400 more still waiting. By 9:45am Batman and Ironman has already sold out leaving only Shadow Predator up for grabs.

The queue waiting to enter the convention
At around 10am the convention doors opened to the public and people started to flood in. I started off to the Hottoys collection booth to get my stuff and there was another long queue there...again lol. At around 11am i got what i came for and opened up my stuffs to check for defects which almost every one else did.
Everythings ok so off i go around shooting some pics along the way.

Hottoys have a booth here this year so they showcased their recent and future releases, there were also some custom dioramas on display. As there were a lot( I mean A Lot) of people snapping pictures and i'm carrying 3 bulky boxes i did not take pics of every figure there but some which i had on PO, the crowd was huge at the Hottoys booth. So here's the pics (pardon my poor photography skills lol)

This batmobile is HUGE!!

Some other stuffs...

Well that's all for now, stay tuned for my Tracker Predator review coming soon. Cheers!!


  1. Nice pics bro! And gratz again on getting your hot toys, sure is worth the queue

  2. yeah bro! the haul was worth the wait lol :)