Monday, July 11, 2011

My Custom Gun for Hire Group: Slayers

Hi folks i was clearing some of my 1/6 figures from my shelves today to make some space for em upcoming figures....Tracker Predator, Spidey, Mark V etc.
I rearranged and rearranged moving figs all over the place but still can't make room so no choice have to take apart lol (as in strip the figure down and store as i have discarded their original boxes). A lot of these come from original figures from Triad Toys, ZC and TTL and a few of my own bashes.
That's how my little group of mercs contractors SLAYERS is born haha.

Of all the 15+ figures i removed 3 got a costume/gear upgrade and made their way back, and 1 new bash emerged.
They looked cool to me so i decided to blog 'em lol.
 First is one of my favourite bashes My Salt Version 2 now upgraded with twin sub machine guns.

Next we have Muriel from ZC World.Basically i only added a pair of shades & removed her outer jacket and spare sidearms, everything else is the same as stock.

She's been on my shelf ever since i got her so this is a refreshing look for more shelf time to come. I may upgrade her in the near future as she only has a desert eagle sidearm other than her Chetac sniper rifle.

Up next we have Rebbecca the cowgirl also from ZC World.
This figure had a few modifications to her outfit. I replaced her chaps and jeans with a pair of black shorts & a pair of shorter brown chaps. The overall outcome is a brand new and more modern look haha. Same with Muriel she's been on my shelf since release.

Last but not least is Rain, my all new bash from bits & pieces here & there lol.
This is put together with parts from various figures on the truetype base body from Hottoys.
I only gave her a short katana as her weapon as she's supposed to be a close combat specialist.
She's my favourite of the pack.
 I'll give each SLAYER their own limelight soon so stay tuned. Who knows their number may increase as they have their own shelf space now haha...till next time, have a nice day & ciao for now.:)


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