Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 130 1/6 Berserker Predator Review [Pics Heavy!!]

Today's the day of my 1st Hottoys Predator review starring Berserker Predator or "Mr Black" from the PREDATORS movie.
The movie features a new 'black' tribe of predators who abducts dangerous species from other planets (eg mercenaries, killers, drug dealers, soldiers from earth and other life forms from other planets i guess) and put them all in a 'hunting reserve' planet to hunt them for sport. These include the 'classic' tribe of predators (one in this movie seen crucified at black tribe camp).There are three black tribe predators in the movie and to date Hottoys already released 2 this Berserker and the Falconer predator. The third one Tracker predator shouldn't be far i guess :)

Mr Black next to his box

Unlike the classic predators this black tribe is leaner, sleeker and larger than the classic predators.
Hottoys have redesigned & remoulded a new body for this figure. Articulation is almost the same as the classic except there is no more articulation at the mid chest area.

The first thing that stands out when you look at this beauty is the
Jaw beneath the mask. This adds a lot of character to the predator.

The next special thing about this predator is the dreads that flow to the back of the head. They even have red highlights.

If you noticed by now this predator has got no trophies dangling on his body like the classics thus giving him a cleaner and sleeker look.

Mr Black also spots a single wrist blade as opposed to the classics twin wrist blade. In the movie this wrist blade can be shot out and can also be extended to two longer lengths. Hottoys have included all 3 lengths in this kit and the one shown in the above pics is the medium length one.By the way these blades are made of metal, another nice touch by Hottoys:)

The right gauntlet features a operable cover for the compartment that the classics used to set the countdown to the "suicide explosion" but i'm not sure in this case as in the movie Mr Black didn't get the chance to self detonate.

Next we have the shoulder cannon. Now in my opinion this is more cool and powerful than the classics (except Wolf predator who spots double shoulder cannons) as this cannon has 3 barrels that fires like a Gatling gun. 3x the carnage nuff' said lol.

He also comes with two extra hands one open palmed right hand and a grabbing pose left hand. A human skull/spine trophy is also included in this set.

The led switch is located and nicely concealed at the back of his body armour. Out of the box we have to put in the mini flat batteries to the battery compartment at the back also. A wire from within the mask then extends to the back of his amour and plugs into a connector behind. This can be concealed within his dreads.



The details of the face sculpt is rock solid. The paint apps is also spot on. Hottoys included a pair of open mandibles that are interchangeable with this closed pair.

Here seen with short blade attached

Here seen with long blade attached

Overall i'm impressed and happy with this purchase. Though short on accessories, but with great details and paint apps. Top that with a unique bio mask you got a winner here. I recommend this to all predator fans...grab one now before they're all gone lol.
I'll be reviewing the other predators from my little tribe in the near future so for now enjoy the pics below...Ciao!!


  1. The Berserker Predator would have been a perfect figure if it's height was like how it was featured in the teaser pictures. Nevertheless it is still a very impressive figure... I think the bone trophy could have looks better if the paint could be done in such a way that it looks as if it was still wet and dripping blood... That would look great,

  2. Hey i just wanted to know where did u get him from? oh btw i meant the figure not to confuse u there, lol!!