Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 of My New Hauls, Hot toys Barney Ross and T-600 Weathered Version

Hi all it's Nekoman again and today i just post pics of 2 of my new hauls lol. Hottoys Barney Ross & T-600 weathered version.
I'll just post some pics of these two magnificent figures straight out of box with no accessories attached yet as i'm totally blown away as it is haha(still messing with them POAs lol)
so enough words now to pics hahaha

Here's Mr Ross (from The Expendables movie) in all his tattoo glamour :)

And here's the Big guy T-600 Weathered version From Terminator Salvation

Evil Incarnate lol


Thats all for now as i continue to fool around lolwith them. I'll be reviewing them both soon so stay tuned.
Ciao for now...


  1. Love the T600! good buy bro!

  2. This is amazing. This Sylvester Stallone action figure is pretty amazing. I would totally find one of this.

  3. Stallone's figure looks like the Sly of Copland at most... they didn't dare to make the 68 years old Sly of today. Love the guy, he's the ultimate action hero to me. This just doesn't look they way he looks in the Expendables movies. http://i0.wp.com/hypebeast.com/image/2014/04/the-expendables-3-roll-call-trailer-00.jpg?w=930