Monday, January 10, 2011

Transformers Generations Autobot Drift Mini Review

Today i'm gonna do my first transformers review and i'll start with one of my favs from my little collection.
It's Autobot Drift (deluxe class) from the Transformers Generations Line.

I recently picked this one up along with electrostatic Jolt and Terradive from another line. All three of them caught my attention with their unique design and colours. I'll cover Drift today :).

He sports simple & nice vinyl designs

His alt mode is a 'japanese' style sports car. Judging from the built i'll say he's either a mitsubishi or nissan or a combination of both. I picked this bad boy up for two reasons, and the alt mode design and colour is one of them. Rims for the tyres are well done.

The alt mode almost gets a perfect score from me but the bonnet area doesn't latch completely oh well.....

Back design is nice with fender and two exhaust pipes.

Under side view. All 3 swords can be attached to the main body in alt mode.

Now for the quick transformation...

This robot mode features around 20 POAs and boy is he sturdy with tight joints.
As his legs are big you can put him in a variety of different poses.
The two doors of the car becomes sheaths for his two short swords.

His long sword is nicely tucked behind him. As with most transformers toys his eyes are made with clear plastic in this case blue so you can put a light over his head to get a cool look lol.

Overall i like the design of this figure which boasts both a solid alt and robot mode.
Combine that with great articulation, nice weapons and colour have a winner :)
I'll cover Jolt in my next review so till then enjoy the following pics hee hee.