Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Hottoys Predator Tribe so far

Just to share with you guys and fellow collectors out there here's my humble little Predator tribe so far.
From left:
Predator (Jungle Hunter)-----------------------------------Predator movie
Wolf Predator (Cleaner version)----------------------AVP Requiem movie
The Falconer Predator------------------------------------Predators movie
The Berserker Predator-----------------------------------Predators movie
Predator Battle damaged version (Urban Hunter)---------Predator 2 movie
She Predator Machiko--------------------------------------- AVP comics
The Lost Predator----------------------------------------Predator 2 movie

I displayed them on a bookshelf always looking down at me lol, They just look so badass together:)
Till next time ladies & gentlemen...have a nice day ciao!!


  1. Wow!!!! whole clan! Very nice!

  2. Thats a nice collection get AVP!

  3. Yeah juz waiting on the much anticipated remake by hottoys as I started collecting late lol