Thursday, January 13, 2011

Transformers HFTD Electrostatic Jolt Mini Review

This is my second transformers review and it's Jolt's turn. I passed on this figure the first time as it was quite plain looking to me. But this one has a recolour scheme that makes it look better overall in my opinion. So let's get on with the review!

This figure is re-released in the Hunt For The Decepticon wave of transformers.It's in the deluxe class category

Jolt's alt mode is based of the Chevrolet Chevy Volt. It's blue in colour and has transparent blue windscreen and side windows to match. It sports electric vinyls designs on both sides across the front and back doors.

The blue on the back of the car is of a lighter shade to give the effect of electro static lol. The rims of the tyres are silver in colour.

Rear lights are red separated with a splash of black. Bumper and license plate is also blue.

Front headlights are silver in colour and the Chevrolet logo in gold.

Now the built of the alt mode is ok by my standards and the car can roll freely without any restriction.
Two things that i don't really like is
-the headlights should be transparent
-the seam line that extents from the front (except bonnet)
all the way to the back of the car makes it looks
like being cut in two lol
The colour scheme and vinyl designs are solid.

Now for the transformation

Done! Transformation is simple with this one.
The robot mode is quite solid built with tight joints and can hold a variety of poses.

It looks a bit bulky with all the big parts on it's arms, knees,back and side flaps.

The chest piece is transparent blue with red Autobot logo in the middle
Eyes are made with transparent blue plastic so you can shine a light on top of the
 figure to get the light up eyes effect.
It also has claws for hands.

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 It has two flip out whips one on each arm.

Hasbro should have made the whip longer in my opinion as this looks more like a pair of daggers lol.
Maybe a foldable whip with 3 to 5 sections? hmm...

Overall i'm still quite pleased with this figure as it sports a solid looking alt mode and very poseable robot mode. Not to mention the price is consumer friendly also.
Hope this mini review has been helpful to you, till next time ciao!!

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  1. Im just wondering, would it be better if you paint this kit?

  2. Hmmm maybe highlight the robot mode perhaps?

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