Friday, December 24, 2010

Revoltech Queen's Blade Extra, Queen's Gate: Alice "The Gate Opener" Review

Geez i'm doing alot of Queens Blade review recently :). Guess i'll do another today which i have displayed for some time. This is the latest (hopefully not the last as its been quiet recently) release from Kaiyodo. The 1st entry into the Queen's GATE line: Alice the gate opener. I'm not sure why Kaiyodo don't finish up the remaining QB characters first? Already 11 figures into the main QB line.....hmmm. Anyways just be contented with what we have lol.
I don't know anything about Alice as she's not in the anime but i can tell you this is one cute litte badass chick. I pre-ordered her on 1st sight, as she comes with a ton of interchangeable accessories.

Like my two other QB reviews on the sculpt work, this figure is no exception.the details that have been put into this figure is solid.

HEAD: there are two sets of holes on the backside of the head for you to place her loli tails.The 2 hair clips can be removed. It also comes with 4 inter changeable face pieces, 1 normal,1 looking sideways, 1 biting a donut & 1 for "M" mode.There is articulations available for her loli tails and neck.

HANDS: There are 6 interchangeable gloved hands that come with the set. 3 POAs is available with each hand at shoulder, elbows & wrist area. The sculpts on the armbands and bracelets are also nicely sculpted & painted.

BODY: There is only 1 revoltech joint below her chest area for articulation. The costume can be removed to interchange into the battle damaged one.The panties can also be interchanged with the half drawn or piss soaked one.(Both for "M" mode)
There's also a pair of brown hostler like attachment behind her waist.These can be articulated as well.

LEGS: There are 4 POAs in each leg. 1 at the hip, 1 above the stockings, knee & ankle area. The black stockings are moulded on and nicely painted. The boots are also finely detailed and coloured.

WEAPONS: 1 sliver & 1 purple/black gun both with battle knife extension below gun grip. Again small but nice details and paint job. There is also a handle for attaching her tail on to make a whip. 3 different tail variations are also included in the set.

OTHER ACCESSORIES: 1 battle damaged costume, 1 half drawn panties, 1 piss soaked panties, 1 puddle of piss ("M" mode gem lol), 1 Revoltech Black stand with Alice's name and the usual mini orange box & coin.

The Revoltech joints on this figure is tight and can hold a variety of poses if you set them right. Almost all joints can be removed to positon the limbs before putting them back.
 The colour scheme of this figure is also nice Black, Orange & White with Green hair to match.

Final Impressions:  This figure is a must get (at least for me) Only thing preventing it from getting a perfect score is the usual 'weak' stand. I wonder when (or ever) Kaiyodo will address this problem. I give this figure a 4 out of 5. I would recommend this figure to anyone even if you don't know Queen's Blade or just love adding a cute little dual gun wielding badass chick to your collection. Overall a great figure.

Hope this review is useful to you CHEERS!!