Friday, November 11, 2011

threea WWRp 1/12 Monet 0G Armstrong Outdoor Photofun I

Hi all! I had alot of fun with my 1st out of box Monet Armstrong robot in-house so now it's time to take him outdoors lol.
I have shot a lot of pics with this little fella and thrust me when you start you don't know when to stop haha.
All these pics are taken with my iPhone so bear with me if they seem crappy...
I'll split the pics into 2 posts.
Scroll down & enjoy! :) Cheers!!

 Penny for your thoughts?

 Monet at the crossing...

 Monet gets Lazy...and enjoys a bit of sun tan

 "Wanna Apple?"

Have a seat

That's all for this post folks! I'll put up the rest on the next post so till then ciao!!
Have a nice day!

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