Monday, April 9, 2012

Revoltech Queen's Blade #011 Aldra review

Hi folks today it's Queen's Blade time again as i do a little review on Kaiyodo's Revoltech Queen Aldra From the 1st QB OVA.
She was the defending Queen's Blade champion in that arc.
I have this figure on display for some time already and most of these pics
were taken last year so guess I'll do a mini review for her now.

As this is a Hobby Japan exclusive set,
Aldra comes packaged with a hardcover Queen's blade game character book from the 2nd story arc Rebellion. But i won't be covering that as i'm only reviewing the figure. The backing paper shows some poses for the infamous S & M modes of Revoltech Queen's Blade figures.

The internal figure set is packed into two clear plastic trays one above the other.

Out of the box she comes with 8 interchangeable hands, 
3 faces, an extra set of  'Battle Damaged' costume,
interchangeable 'Opened' Evil eye piece,
Sword, Figure Stand with her name,
Revoltech orange clear box (for accessories storage) and an orange coin token

1st time i saw this 'evil' queen in the anime i liked her design straight away. One hand strapped to her back, same straps covering what needs to be covered of her upper 'assets' :p
Lower asset also covered with a protruding armor piece lol.

 Her right evil eye is in dormant closed state when not in battle and that adds intimidation from this character.

 Her left shoulder guard is also beautifully sculpted
and looks great contrasted with her red costume underneath.

 On her back her strapped can be seen only if you look beneath her hair piece

 The colour scheme of this figure is also good. She has light purple hair, fair skin tone and her main costume is a striking red and white/black. Add in gold armor and we have a queen that looks intimidating and striking .

 As with most revoltech figures, the poseability of this figure is one of the best for this scale in its market.
But you will need to exercise patience to get the poses you want.
The stand provided is still the crappy QB stands that Kaiyodo's been pumping out for these queens blade figures. it works great for the  smaller lighter figures but for these with larger weapons it comes out short...

  Her sword is also one big badass weapon that has a demonic edgy feel to it, red in colour with purple tint it just looks great.

All in all my opinion may be biased when it comes to Queen's Blade figures but i still recommend this to all Queen's Blade lovers as not only is she the main villain in the 1st arc, she will also look cool in your collection of female warriors for this scale lol.
Till next time, here's me signing out as i leave you guys with more pics below
Enjoy and Ciao for now!!

 a run in with Alice...

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