Monday, April 16, 2012

Hot Toys MMS150 Ironman2 MK II Armor Unleashed Version Review I

 Hi yah folks! I'm back today to bring forth my first mini review of these awesome awesome AWESOME Ironman MKII : Armor Unleashed Ver by Hottoys!
I recently over the weekend just went to collect my largest haul of toys ever (dropped over 1400$SGD one shot ):P [going instant noodle diet for a month XD]
This Grail piece is one of my many new beebies from that haul.
Normally i take my time with these reviews but as i popped him out to check his leds...i had the urge to roll my camera and so here we are an hour later with this little 1st impressions

This set comes in a slip box style packaging from the side.
The box is of a grey silver theme style like that of the Terminator 2 boxes.
The Mark II word is sliver stamped and that is a nice touch but beware... a simple light 
scratch will leave a permanent scar. Look at mine on the left pics.( result of packing too many
 toys in one carton lol)
What is also nice is that the front and the back of the box makes one complete picture of the mkII
as can be seen below :)

 As we pull the inner box out from the side we get the standard clear window packaging that Hottoys have implemented on all the Ironman 2 figures till this release.

Back of the box we get another half body pic of mkII and a list of credits for this set

I just focus on mkII straight out of the box except i have changed his closed fists to the poseable hands as i needed to test the leds.
The details of this beast is astonishing! it's almost like a blend of most of the ironmen Hottoys have released till this date. Now this is Hottoys 2nd release of this suit and i think it's leaps better than the 1st mainly due to the amount of details that have been pumped into this set.

This is the back view before we add the brake flaps. Check out them details!
The chest is new if i'm not mistaken though i haven't compared with the BD mkIII, the wrist gauntlet shield extension is of BD mkIII design and the removable exposed legs are that of the Mech Test Tony Stark set.

Sculpting is great  from the spot wielding markings to the overall design of the suit is just great!

The paint apps for this figure is top notch and the consistency is great!
It gives a steel like feel to the figure and the internal parts is also coloured to show even the micro details of thew screws and wires.

 Great paint apps

Biceps circuitry

Mech Test boots implemented here perfectly! The details blend with the whole figure

Solid details!

Well that's all for now. Tune in for part II coming soon . So till then, 
Ciao and have a nice day folks!!


  1. nice review, looking forward to part 2!