Friday, April 13, 2012

Lego 9441 Ninjago Kai's Blade Cycle Review

Hi again folks! Today i'll review another Lego Ninjago set and this time it's set no. 9441 Kai's Blade Cycle.
I'll be reviewing my Lego sets in no particular order as i haven't opened all of them.
This set i've been looking for a few weeks and i got lucky last week when ToysR'Us had a restock!
This is a small/medium set but the colours and design of the Blade Cycle is what stands out of the pack.
This set is based off the2nd story arc of Ninjago : Rise of The Snakes hence the green colour theme of the box. It maybe also because the debut of the 5th ninja..The Green Ninja!!

 The front of the box features Kai on his Blade Cycle and Rattla trying to hypnotize Kai

 Back of the box we see how the cycle converts into battle mode and also the The Serpentine Staff No.3:Hypnobrai Staff which is included in this set.
Also we see Kai chasing Rattla away from the mini shrine holding the staff.

We get an instruction booklet

 Here's the brick list
This set has 188 pieces and i got it at SGD$29.90 so its around SGD$0.16 per piece so still ok as we get 2 minifigures with this set.

We get Kai ZX this time round. He has a new face mask which can articulate left and right now(yes!)
and a gold shoulder armor/ sword holder which is a separate piece now.
His mask is coloured red and gold and you can see his determined eyes and scar through the eye piece area

He comes with 2 black katanas which can be sheathed in the twin holders on his back

Remove the katanas and you can see his fire emblem through the hole on the holders

Unmasked he still sports the same battle scarred face as before.
He has a brand new torso printing this time, his arms are of a darker red colour which is extended from the torso to represent the extra arm guards, beneath that he has his red ninja suit with  2 belts and 2 shurikens.
The printing of the suit extends to the legs area which is a great plus. He also has black gloves.

Back of his torso we have a printing of a buckle holding the above mentioned arm guards together and Kai's fire emblem.
the 2 belts are also printed on the lower part of the torso

Next we have the Serpentine Rattla
Rattla sports a white base body with blue,yellow and grey markings.
His head piece is that of a cobra-like design with blue scales on top finished with yellow details and grey twirls on the sides.
His torso has the same type of design and it extends to the legs area which again is a plus.

 Rattla has a black spear for his weapon and he also has grey hands

His head piece has a 'tail' which extends to his back torso area

With the head piece removed you can see that he has the same pattern of markings on his fore head.
He has big red 'hypnotizing' eyes and also has 2 fangs sticking out of his upper lips.
He has a smirking grin expression.His head is of a dark blue base colour.

With the head piece removed we can also see the actual back printing on his back torso which has the same type of design.
Overall the consistency of this minifig is great!

The staff shrine
This a very easy and basic build but it gets the job done.
The base is brown with luminous green tiles, and a staff holder which is grayish/blue coloured holding the also has 2 flame pieces and 2 leaf pieces

The staff also has a cobra-like design with a cobra head on top and it's gold coloured.
It has the Hypnobrai logo which is blue with a yellow ring and a white twirl design

Back of the staff also has some details.

 And to the main show....The Blade Cycle!

The base colour of this cycle is red/black theme. It has big black tyres and 6 golden blades.(3 on each side)

The 3 fire decals in front are stickers. The center one has Kai's fire emblem.

 The rim of the tyres are gold in colour.
There's a flame decal sticker below
A small sticker on this side showing Kai's snakemen kill count: 13 so far!

The sticker on this side shows the blade cycle is Octane 88 powered!
There's also a flame decal sticker below

Here you can see the 2 white studs is where Kai stands and the black handle bar on top is what he uses to control the cycle.

 Top View

Bottom View
The bottom has a grey round piece to help balance the cycle.

Here's how we convert it to battle mode.
Simply press this red piece...

It will 'force' the 2 panels on each side to open up...

giving it a wider area coverage by the 2 exposed blades at the sides

 Rotate the 2 small knives below so the longer end faces the front( this is my preference as the default instruction is to have them pointing to the front at all times)

Back View

Top View
It becomes almost a W like shape which is a cool design

Here's some pictures of Kai with the two removable gold knives from the bottom of the cycle

Overall impression: This is a very good set in my opinion, price point is ok, with 2 cool minifigures and an awesome red coloured Blade cycle. And the staff shrine is just icing on the cake!
If you like Ninjago i definitely recommend this set to you. But if you're like me coming late into the game finding it requires luck haha as the secondary market for this set is already 1/2 to 1 fold more than its retail price.
So till next time, you'all have a nice weekend here's me nekoman signing out.