Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lego 7305 Pharaoh's Quest: Scarab Attack Review

Hi all again,thought i'll do a back to back Lego review this weekend so here goes.
I'll not bore you guys with another Ninjago set this time it's from another play theme which i have acquired all 6 sets but only built this set till date. It's set 7305 Scarab Attack and it's a very small set with a small box lol.
I got all these 6 sets each featuring a gold treasure from eBay as it's already discontinued when i started collecting this year. I got this at SGD $9.50 so it's around SGD$0.22 per piece for me. A bit on the high side but the awesome scarab i get from this set makes it worth it!
Anyways off to the review
The front of the box features the main adventurer of this series Jack Raines battling a giant scarab who just popped up on his camp site. So he took the only weapon closest to him his pickax!

The back of the box shows Jack coming to his senses and decided to return the golden crystal to the scarab.....NOT! We all know that adventurers would rather die with their treasures then return them to their rightful owners? haha just joking there.
Anyway back of the box also shows the treasure we get with this set on the top right side, the Golden Crystal.

Here's the brick list.

Here's Jack Raines, he has black hair.His front torso printing shows he wears a beige shirt and a white one underneath.He has a belt and a shoulder strap with rounds for his rifle(i guess) across his chest.
He's got no leg printing 

His back printing shows 5 pouches on his waist and a buckle for his shoulder strap.

He sports a determined look with a smirk on his face. He has a scar marking on his left cheek, sideburns on both sides of his face and a little goatee. Nice details overall for the face.

Now this is a very small set, but Lego included enough to get the job done. here's Jack looking through his binoculars and drinking coffee while waiting for his drumstick to cook

The BBQ area is a simple but effective micro build

There's also a crate for storing jack's equipment

Jack sets off ...

And finds the golden crystal....

The Scarab awakens

The scarab is a fun and easy build with no stickers. It's also very articulated (all 6 legs and the neck) 

This back/shell piece 's details are printed on so it's a major plus and it's awesome!
This scarab is one of the best built monsters i ever did.Simple and effective!

The chosen protector of the Golden Crystal.

Overall impression: This Pharaoh's Quest theme is a short and simple line with only 6 sets not counting the battle pack. You will need all 6 to have all the 6 golden treasures, and what caught my attention was the Egyptian theme with mummies as warriors! How unique is that? To top it off we will have 3 more monsters in the remaining sets(i cover those as i review them :) and the ultra cool Pyramid! ....sorry got carried away back to my point
I recommend this to anyone who likes simple builds, like a unique adventurer minifig or mystic monsters to check this set out.
So till next time here's nekoman signing out.
Have a nice day!!

Jack changes his mind about returning the crystal