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Hot Toys MMS150 Ironman2 MKII Armor Unleashed Version Review II

Hi all I'm back today to finish up my review of this badass figure set.Been very busy with work these few weeks and finally had abit of free time last weekend to take more pictures of this very detailed figure.
In part 1 of my review I showed what MKII looks like straight out of the box and in this review I will roll him out with all his accessories(well everything except the additional lightup stand) and removable parts....and he has many lol.

1st i'll setup the big black 'table' that HT included in this set and it is heavy! It's basically made of 3 black boards, 2 of them which you fold and attach to each other on alternate ends via magnets forming a rectangle. The 3rd piece you just put on top of the hole and walah! It's sturdy and hold the weight of MKII and parts with no problems at all.
Now let's check out the set!

So here's the MKII unleashed on the table . What a beauty this is!
HT has really sculpted the wires, pistons, joints and gears etc nicely. You get a feel of realism just by looking at it.

The hollow helmet is a nice addition to this line as we've been getting helmets with Tony or Rhodes with previous releases. It is one piece with the neck joint and not removable, the face plate works the same way as all other ironmen via magnet. So you can place it in a open/closed position or just remove the face plate.
 The interior is sculpted nicely too with minor details here and there. 

Moving down we have the 2 removeable bicep armor plates, which covers the detailed biceps inner workings.

The removeable chest plate reveals the inner details of the cheat arc reactor details but nothing new here as most of the newer Ironmen have this option.

The 2 thigh armor plates can also be removed to expose the details beneath it.

You can see even the interiors of the knee guard areas.

Now my favourite part the legs. 
These are the same as the Mech Test Tony's if I'm not mistaken. These are amazing! 
Every single micro detail HT has pumped into it is simply amazing. Paint apps here is also spot on.
Here's a few more pics standing up

 On top of that it's removeable.

 It's held together via 2 metal clips on each leg. These have a ball peg inside and can be fitted onto a truetype for some mech test kitbash!
Boots unleashed

There's also a led light implemented into the base of each foot.

The 2 regular armored legs can also be disassembled! Now on top of that pair of great Mech Test legs this feature just brings the detailing to another level! Do take caution and study the instruction sheet before attempting this to prevent any unnecessary damage though.

Now that I have covered the unleashed portion, let's armor 'em up!
 The silver theme paint apps on this figure is simply amazing.
It's a fresh break from the usual gold/red theme of regular ironmen.

Looks great even on the back lol. The paint apps brings out the metallic feel of this figure.

He comes with a pair of closed fist hands but why use that when you have super poseable ones?
 Let's check out the articulated hand with these few simple poses

Good indeed! Very good with tight joints.

Now let's get to the gadgets. What's a MK suit without gadgets right? Though MKII is only a prototype which Tony used for testing, it eventually got beefed up to the Warmachine.
Though a prototype, it still has some pre MKIII weapons integrated in both arms.(just my assumption lol)

 This works exactly the same as the battle damage MKIII that was released a few years ago.

 Flip open the missile holder

 Open bottom panel

Slide out the top panel and you have it's shield on his right arm!

Next we have a simple left arm missle unit

 Slide open both panels

 Lift missile unit up

Done! Though both of these functions are exactly the same as the Battle Damaged MKIII,
it's still a great plus that HT added these to an already amazing figure set.
If HT really stayed through to the Ironman2 movie we wont have these 2 features on both arms. So ditto to HT!

Lastly the air braking flaps that is already a standard norm with almost all Ironmen

 Lift up the 2 smaller flaps

 Lift up the bigger flaps

There we have it! It's nothing much actually but it adds to the list of already amazing details that HT pumped into this set.

This set comes with 3 head pieces, The above mentioned hollow helmet and one with Rhodes face sculpt (both with removable face plate), a Light up version without removable faceplate.
Here's the one with Rhodes face sculpt
 In my opinion this is a great piece as it looks like Don Cheadle in the movies
I'm not sure if this is the same as the Warmachine version as mine is tucked away deep in my vault lol so i can't do a comparison shot.
 He has a determined look just like in Ironman2, when he wanted to take MKIV down

Now that i've covered almost everything( and it's a lot lol) Let's light him up!
 Body arc reactor light is blinding......literally lol

 Eyes lighting is ok but as you can see, from some angles it's not as prominent
like the 2 pics below


Here's a pic of the instruction sheet for you folks who're interested

And here's all the stuffs you get with this amazing set

With all that's need to be said and shown, i'll have to say Hottoys delivered the goods with this release.
You will get your pennies worth with this set if you like them micro details that's the highlight of this set.
Hottoys had a controversial year in 2011 with questionable QC issues and price hike, but i'm glad to say in my opinion this is one of their very best releases to date!

 Many will compare this to it's first release counterpart(which i don't own) but i think they are both unique in their own ways.
So i recommend this to anyone who love the Ironman franchise or comics
Hope this review had been helpful to folks still on the fence on this set.
Here's me signing out again! Till next time have a nice day & ciao for now!

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