Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3A 1/6 Tomorrow Kings Classics 7 Bones Queeny Review

Today i'll do a review on an awesome 1/6 figure that just arrived over the weekend. It's Queeny from 3A's POPBOT universe. This is my forth 3A female figure after last year's Lolli and Little Shadow 2 & Penumbra (both still in their boxes). Anyway let's check out Queeny!

A large poster is include with this figure and it features a painted picture on one side

And a little back story on the other

Box is pretty straightforward packaging, painted artwork picture on the front

And some brief description of Queeny on the back
She is the third release of the "7 Bones" group so the number 3 

It's the standard shoebox style box and here's Queeny on the plastic tray inside

Straight out of the box, here's Queeny. And unlike previous Tomorrow Queens, she is weathered!
She also has a pair of shoes rather then high heels which TQs normally have.

The weathering gives Queeny a very rugged/badass vibe that this is one TQ 
you don't want to mess with

She has a belt with several pouches/bags and an EMP grenade which takes up almost all the space around her waist.

Her base body is also weathered so if we accidentally scratched/dirtied the figure
 it won't be prominent lol

Here's her belt (from the left) with a double buckle bag, 4 single velcro pouches, EMP grenade holder and another triple velcro pouch.

Here's how she looks without her belt on.
you can see the details on her pants.

Her tank top has a cute printing of two cartoon figures with empty talk balloons above their head
The head sculpt is the usual TQ style with closed eyes except Queeny has an eye patch on her right.
Her face & hair is also nicely weathered 

She has 2 pigtails which is nicely sculpted also

Ashley Wood's TQ/Tk designs are simple/comical and it's either you like it or you don't initially.
I'll admit that i'm one of those that fall in the latter category as they don't appeal to me then.
But it'll grow on you more and more if  you 'Look' into it lol.

Queeny is the leader of  "7 Bones" which consist of seven Tomorrow Kings & Queens.
She is the 3rd to be announced after Wasabi & Kyoku (not yet released) . I'm not sure if all seven members have it but Queeny and Wasabi both have a "7 Bone" Chinese character tattooed on their arms. On Queeny's case it's on her right arm. 

She also has a 'girl/woman' Chinese character tattooed on her left bicep area 

On her left caff there's also a tattoo of  a "7 Bones" emblem . Nice details overall.

Now no TQ is complete without her weapons and Queeny's weapon of choice is her Bo(wooden staff)

3A included 2 pair of hands for this figure, a pair for holding the Bo and a pair of relaxed hands.
2 extra wrists & ankle pegs are also included in case you break them

I plugged the extra wrist pegs to both extra hands as it's easier to remove the wrist socket then the hands part.
Now for some POAs testing!

The articulations for this figure is very good and only a little flaw keep it from being perfect.

Her thigh area doesn't rotate sideways, so you can't turn her knees sideways
They only turn at the hips area. 
An upgrade to improve this will make this one of the best 1/6 female bodies in the market today in my opinion.

Joints are tight and can hold poses without much trouble.
On top of that she has shoes rather than heels so posing is made easier.

Shoes made in 3A

Overall i'm very pleased with this figure. 3A delivered the goods with this almost perfect release.
If you like or are a fan of Mr Wood's works you already have or are already going to get this in your mail soon as it's only available on during the January pre-order period. If you don't and really dig this figure i'll recommend you pick it up fast as prices will sky rocket later (like Wasabi TK which i missed) in the secondary market. I'll most probably end up with 6 Bones lol. Hope this little review had been helpful to you folks out there.
Till next time, have a nice day! Ciao!

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