Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Review I

Today i'll be doing the 1st of a 3 part review of Lego's minifigure collection series 7.
I've collected bits and pieces of the first five series but have a complete set (of 16) of series 6 & 7.
These figures are great for people who prefer to just collect minifigs rather than buying whole lego sets.
anyways on with the review:)

Here's a pic of the packing. It's a simple polybay packing sporting some of the minifigs from this set on a red themed background. Simple, but nice!

Every pack comes with a poster/checklist for this set.

On the other side of the checklist we have simple instructions/ideas on how you can mix and match accessories across different minifigures. A black figure stand is also included in every pack.

I'll be reviewing this set according to Lego's numbering so here's our 1st figure and she's the Swimming Champion. She comes with a removable black swimming cap and medal. She has front torso printing of a black swimsuit that continues on to the legs area. She has a face with her swimming goggles on.

No torso printing on her back

No printing on both arms either

She does come with an alternate happy face(maybe she just won the gold medal type of happy lol)

Here's how she looks without her swimming cap and medal on.

Next we have the Aztec Warrior. Now this figure is simply amazing! The huge gold birdlike helmet is very nicely sculpted and the colour apps on the eyes, ears and feathers are just icing on the cake. His face has green tribal/native paint and a neutral expression. His torso printings sports his muscular body. belt and a necklace with a lego head & feather decorations. His belt printings continues on to his leg area.

No back printings on this figure.

He has a gold shield with a emblem of a bird printed on it

He also has a golden spear for his weapon.

Here's how he looks without his gear on.

3rd we have the Bunny Suit Guy. This is a cute figure in my opinion. He has a smiling face and a big rabbit headpiece. He has pink printing on his torso and ear areas.

He also has a tail printing on his back

No printings on either hands

He comes with a carrot 

Here's how he looks without his gear on

4th we have the Bride. And from the look of things this is one very happy bride as she has a very big smile on her face. She has very detailed torso printings which continues to her gown area and also some more printings on the lower part of her gown area. She has a silver tiara and a veil on her head. A bouquet of pink flowers is the Bride's choice for her wedding. 

Her veil is made of a soft fabric material so it's not stiff 

No printing on arms

No back printings either

Here's how she looks without her accessories.We do get an extra pink flower with this figure also

To sum up part I of my review we have the Ocean King. The 1st time i saw the reveal pics of this figure he reminded me of the little mermaid's father from the Little Mermaid movie some time back. The only difference is this figure's hair is not as long.But that's just my 2 cents lol. He has a crown consisting of 5 golden seashells. The crown and his hair is one piece. He has a beard and his torso printings shows his muscular body.He has a green tail piece with some scale printings

No printings on either hands also with this figure.

He has a golden Trident for his weapon

No back printings on his back except around his tail area.

And here's how he looks without his stuffs.

So that's all for now folks, stay tuned as i'll be reviewing the next 5 figures in part II of my Lego Minifigures  Series 7 review.
Have a nice day! Ciao for now!

One of my favourites from this set.:)

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