Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Review II

Hi all , following my 1st review of Lego's minifigures series 7
today i'll continue with my 2nd review of the next 5 in this review

First up we have the BackPiper. He is very detailed and has a suit printing on his black torso.
His facial expression is that of a determined nature with wrinkles and white/grey brows.
His backpipe has nice green/black/white printings on it.

His cap also has red/white/black checkered printings on top.
No printings on his back.
He also has a wrap around kilt that's made of the same material as standard Lego capes.

No printings on either arms

Here's how he looks without his kilt on.

He has some more printings of his undies & shoes on his legs area. 
There's no alternate face with this figure

Next we have the Daredevil. He has a white themed suit with printings on the torso that continues to his legs.
He has 2 head pieces, a brown hairpiece and a white helmet with blue visor.
There is a red star/blue ring printed on top of the helmet
A white cape is also included with this figure.

He has 2 faces, the first is a happy face
A white cape is also included with this figure.

No printings on arms

He has a 2nd 'scared' face.
No printings on his back

Thirdly we have the Tarzan inspired JungleBoy. Now he he comes with brown center parted shoulder length hair,
and a nicely printed face. He has a grinning expression with cheekbones. He also has a 'cutting' on his left eyebrow.
His torso has some nice printings as well, a 3 teeth necklace and a scarred six pack muscular body.
He also has printings on his legs showing his wraps

He comes with 2 daggers and his trusty black monkey
No back printing on this figure

No printings on arms

No alternate face with this figure

Next is the Galaxy Patrol and this figure is all decked out. Dark blue colour themed, he comes with removable torso armor and helmet. He also comes with a blaster. His first face printing is orange coloured with targeting markers.

His second face has a scope like thing over his right eye.

The details on the back of his armour is also nice with two jet thrusters around waist level

He has a logo printed on the shoulder guards on both sides of the armour

No printings behind his back

Here you can see the detailed printing on his torso that continues on to his legs

And finally here's the Tennis Ace. He has light coloured spiky hair. He also has a white headband printed on his head and a grinning expression
His torso has white/light green coloured tennis shirt printed on it
His legs has tennis shorts of the same theme
He also comes with a dark blue tennis racket

No printings on his back

No printings on both arms either

No alternate face on this figure also

Now that covers the next 5 minifigures of series 7. Stay tuned as i will round up the remaining 6 soon.
So that's all for now.Till next time, Have a nice day folks. Ciao for now!:)