Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3A 1/6 World War Robot Darwin Rothchild Review

Hi all it's the nekoman again! Today i'll do a quick review of my biggest set of 1/6 figures to date.
Yes it's the Father & Son 2-pack From 3A's World War Robot line. The set consists of the father/inventor of the robots in that story, and the robot Caesar 003.
Today's post i'll cover Rothchild.

I admit i was in awe when i collected this from my local post office as i've expected 1/6 WWR robots
to be big but this really did surprised me!
It's a huge 3A mailer box.
Here's my yellow zomb checking out the box

On the side, mine is carton number 240

Here's some pictures of the box before i open

The bottom of the box with some description

Here's the Father and Son on their clear tray holder.Simple and effective

Here's Rothchild out of the box.
He's a clean figure as opposed to many of the usual 3A weathered style figures.
He's has a simple white long sleeve shirt and long black pants.
A black tie, belt and a pair of black boots.

He also has a left black armband with a 'R' on it.

The shirt and pants are held together via velcros.

Headsculpt on this figure is that of the usual Ashley Wood's art style and it's represented perfectly here.
Almost like a 3D rendition of Mr Wood's artwork

Again with Mr Wood's art style , it's either you like it or you do not lol.

The sculpt is detailed and the colours are very clean and vibrant

This is a very simple figure but it represents one the most major character in the WWR universe,
The inventer of all the robots.

He comes with a pair of flexible boots. From the ankle up its made of a soft faux leather like material.
This figure is using the new 3A slim shoulder base body also and it retains most of it's predecessors articulations. 

A mini bertie is also included. Though small it is sculpted with fine details and coloured

2 extra interchangeable hands and extra wrist pegs are also included with this set.

All in all i'll say this is a must own figure to add to your collection if you are into the WWR universe.
Though Ashley Wood has said that there may be other versions to be released in the future,
i think that this is a good one to own. There was a single pack and a black shirt 'Funeral' variant but i got the Father and Son 2 pack together with Caesar 003 (which i'll review soon) 

So till next time folks, you all have a nice day and take care! Ciao for now!!