Saturday, July 7, 2012

3A 1/6 World War Robot Caesar 003 Review

Hi folks! Today i will do a  review of  WWR Caesar 003 following my previous Rothchild review.
C3 is a big robot and the first time i see it in person i'm shocked at the sheer mass of this very cool and super poseable robot.

This is my first ever 1/6 scale WWR robot and i must say i'm impressed by the size and construct of this robot. Simple and straight to the point. 
The overall sculpt of this robot is very nice and gives a sense of  bulk and weight
C3 is red/white/black coloured theme with orange drop cloth, holsters and pouches.
The main bulk of it's body is red in colour with the visor, joints black coloured and decals coloured in white.
This bot is clean without weathering.
'Rothchild Internal Police' is labelled on it's torso and a scanning code on in front of it's left bicep.

RIP (Rothchild Internal Police) labelled on side of left bicep  

The gun and knife nicely secured in their respective holders.

On the right side we have the large shield which is attached to it's right bicep
Again clean paint apps  with 'ZERO ZERO THREE' labelled at the bottom of the shield

Again nicely tucked Gun and Knife on this side

On the back, the first thing i noticed is the big black power button on a battery like tank attached to it's back( wonder what it powers up?)
On it's left bicep another scanning code and '003' labelled on the back of it's head.
two more pouches on the back and the nicely made drop cloth( with internal wire both in front and back for posing) with 'Rothchild Yes We Are Better' labelled on it. Nice touch

Here's how it looks without the pouches and drop cloth

 The head sculpt is simple and straight forward ( though the first time i saw it it gave me a R2-D2 vibe lol)

 Weapons of the trade? 2 large robot size knives and guns.
Both orange and black coloured

Knives when C3 feels like slicing & dicing 

 Guns when C3 don't want to get it's hands dirty lol

If you have noticed by now, the fingers are very articulated which brings me to my favourite aspect of this robot...the articulations that it is capable of.
First let's do some simple hand gestures

 Each finger has 2 bending sections and connected to the hand via ball joint
So you can basically pose it in any way you see fit

The joints of this robot is extremely tight so it can hold a lot of poses without much support.
there's only one small problem, Due to it's sheer size and weight i found some challenges trying to set up some 
dynamic poses.Don't get me wrong , you can set them up but need a lot of patience getting every joint into the position you want haha.
I just did some simple ones for this review

Overall i'm very pleased with this robot and it's worth every penny i paid lol. I got the Father and Son 2 pack as this bot is not available in singles. If you like Big robots ( around 16 inches tall!) or are a Big fan of World War Robots, i recommend this set to you. 
So till my next post, have a nice day folks!
Ciao for now!


  1. This is 1 huge thing you have there!!!
    nice review