Saturday, July 21, 2012

Captain America / Steve Rogers HeadSculpt by Cian mini Review

Hi folks! today i'll be doing a mini on this excellent head sculpt of Steve Rogers(AKA Captain America) by Cian. I'm very excited to get this piece as the original HotToys Captain America (which i reviewed part1, part2 )didn't come with a unmasked portrait.
How's the quality of this HS?
Let's find out :)

Unlike the Vin Diesel head which i review earlier, this piece comes sculpted with the neck so if you want to bash this to a muscle body(Hottoys,Kaustic Plastik etc) you will need to do some customizing.
But if you use a HT Truetype or a TTL body then it's straight forward 'Plug n Play' lol

I got to say you can really see Chris Evans in this sculpt. From the hair to the facial features it's all here.

The paint apps is also very good on this HS

Here's how he looks in his suit

Here's a simple quick bash i did with parts lying around
Does he look good?:P

Overall i have to say this is one of the best 3rd party head sculpt i ever got.
Thumbs up to Cian for achieving this level of quality even through mass production!
If you can't wait for the Avengers Captain America or need a budget Steve Rogers head sculpt,
Get this now before it's sold out! 
Hope this mini review has been helpful to you.
Till next time, Ciao for now!


  1. can you please post a How to customize or a photo of the part from the underneath to show the socket please