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1/6 HotToys MMS 158 SuckerPunch Amber Review

Hi folks, I've been inactive for a while yah? But now am back and doing a belated review of 1/6 Hottoys Amber figure from the SuckerPunch movie.
I've been collecting quite a bit of these 1/6 high end female figures and am glad that Hottoys picked up the SuckerPunch license. They only released Amber & BabyDoll so far with no indication of the other 3 gals down the pipeline... But one can hope right? Lol
Anyways let's get it on!

The packaging for this set is nicely done as per Hottoys standard. It has a nicely textures outer slip box that covers the inner box's window enough just to conceal everything. Both portions are held together via an elastic black strap/ hook on the side.

The window inside shows the inner tray with the accessories and Amber.
Back of  box has a nice picture of Jamie Chung as Amber and her Mech :)

Amber and her accessories are held snugly in place on the protective clear tray inside.

Out of the box Amber is already all dressed up minus only her pilot cap, gun and magazines.

The head sculpt of this figure is the most controversial topic fans raved about.
Amber is portrayed by Jamie Chung in the movie. As far as likeliness goes it's close but doesn't really capture Jamie's likeness(i'll say around 75% in my opinion) but has a really great Asian vibe to it.
She has great head sculpting and the paint apps is great.

Her hair is also sculpted (yipee) and it's set nicely so it looks natural when you put on her pilot cap.

Next we have the best thing about this figure set. Her costume.

The tailoring for Amber's costume is off the hook! The stitchwork is fine and brings out the characteristics of this character.

Quite a number of zips are implemented as are cross treads stichwork which can be seen along the front, back, arms and legs area.

The costume is also fitted nicely not too baggy making the figure look even greater

Her faux leather belts, holsters and magazine holders are also very well made.

Now for the accessories of this set.
First we have the pilot cap which is attached via a magnet.
You can adjust it anyway you deem fit.

Next we have the headset which is another nice accessory in this set.
It's adjustable both at the head area and the mic piece, great job Hottoys!

Here's how it looks without the pilot cap.

Next is Amber's handgun. Nothing special here but it does have removable magazines and sliding chamber.

Finally we have two of the five treasures which needs to be found in the movie to 'enable the gals to gain their freedom.

First is the knife...

Next is the fire(which is actually a lighter)

Nicely sculpted and coloured but sadly no moving parts.

And the last is Amber's trademark lollipop.

It's attached to one of her extra hands so no fear of loosing it there lol.

Articulations for this figure is by "right" that of a Hottoys Truetype female body , But as with most good fitting 1/6 costume, articulations are hindered slightly. I will not be doing extreme poses but you can use of those found in this review as a rough idea of her poseability.

Amber comes with a total of 3 interchangeable right hands, 2 left hands, a pilot cap, headset, handgun, 3 magazines, knife, lighter and a black standard Hottoys stand with the SuckerPunch logo and Amber nameplate.

Final impressions: many fans criticised the head sculpt of this figure to be the deal breaker for this figure.
I partially agree with them that it may not spot a complete Jamie's likeness as Amber in the movie, but it is still a good set for fans of the movie. She may not have as many accessories as BabyDoll, But that sick costume more than covers that lackness lol. Seeing all 5 treasures included with Amber & BabyDoll really dims the hope of seeing the other three gals ever going to be made... 
I recommend this to you if you like or are a fan of the movie. 
Till next time ciao for now!
Have a nice day!!

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