Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flirty Girl Collectibles Emerson Review

Hi folks, today i'll do a review on a 1/6 costume/accessory set EMERSON by Flirty Girl Collectibles.
Recently there's a new trend going on with 1/6 scale toy makers releasing sets without the base bodies and FGC is one of them.
It retails at around SGD$90 and is it worth our pennies?
Let's find out

Nothing  special about the packaging, it a plain (really) white paper box and here's what we get.
12 individually packed ziploc bags

Here's the Emerson head piece and it looks great in my opinion
Sculpts good and so is the paint apps

Here's the blue jacket with hoodie, vest and a white tank top

And this is my favourite piece of this set, the faux leather pants.
the tailor work of these apparels are very good and this piece is quite elastic.

Next we have a belt with a scorpion buckle, a combat knife, 2 ammo holders, 3 dog tags, knee armor guard, 
and 3 straps (one for ammo holder two for the knee guard)
Funny my set didn't come with any string for the dog tags, not sure if this is standard for all or just my luck :P

 The shotgun and 7 shells.

Brown leather backpack

Her brown boots. These are made of hard plastic so its totally inflexible solid pieces
they have great details sculpted onto them

We just remove the legs from the leg pieces from the figure and slot it in

Here's Emerson fully dressed up on a TTL female body
Note that the set doesn't come with any hands either.
I'm using a pair of black gloved hands i have lying around. 

I got to say she looks great all around!

Here's a better look at the scorpion belt buckle

The knee guard

And the 2 ammo holders, one on the belt and the other on the thigh

It's a shame that the details of the boots are masked by the pants

Emerson with her backpack on

Here's some shotgun pics.

The shotgun is one piece of plastic again with no moving parts.
Paint apps is only so-so

Some hoodie action

This set also comes with a cigar which i never pictured above but here it is

The combat knife is a letdown as it's handle is too small.
They never included any hands in this set so its even harder to get a hand piece that accommodates that small a handle piece

We can mix and match her gear to get a varied look

Overall i'll say this is a good set, whether you want just the accessories or the apparels or head piece, it's a win all around. This set should be appealing mostly to kit bashers for mix and matching.For me it's another gal to my team of slayers lol.
Hope this review had been helpful to you folks, till next time!
Have a nice day & Ciao for now!

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