Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Figma 155 Karen Araragi Review

Hi all! I haven't been adding any stuffs to my little toy blog for a while now (2 months actually:P)
Been very busy with my other commitments but my 'toys ' have been piling up lol.
My figmas especially as i've recently (and Finally) found time to start unboxing them so today i'll share a little review of Figma no.155 Karen Araragi from the anime Nisemonogatari [Impostory](which is a sequel to Bakemonogatari [Ghostory]) 

Karen is one of the 3 Araragi siblings being the younger sister of elder brother Koyomi Araragi and older sister of Tsukihi Arargi(whom they are well known as The Fire Sisters) . She has a tomboyish nature and often quarrels with Koyomi.
She is also a hot blooded girl whose well versed in judo and believes in justice.
Anyway enough of character intro,
let's get on with the review.

Sorry for no box photo as i have flatten it and 'storaged' it at the time of this review lol.
Out of the box she comes kitted with both clenched fists and her side-ponytail hair style and smiling face.
This version of Karen has her in her trademark yellow/black tracksuit and a black tank top.
Her socks and track shoes are also brought to life faithfully.

The 'Fire Sisters' sunny side-up hair band is also detailed nicely.

Apart from the standard figma stand and ziploc bag
She comes with 2 more face plates: one enraged and one happy/mischievous

2 special clenched hands sets

7 more interchangeable hands on the figma hands rack

an awesome 3 piece effect set and a pair of moulded socks which is not pictured here.
 A little light on accessories but since we get this effect set i'm one happy man lol.

here's Karen in her alternate hairstyle and moulded socks.

Now let's get to the articulations.

As her suit/base body is made of a mixture of soft pvc/abs she is very poseable with minimal dangling stuffs.
Her pony tail/shoulder/waist/hips has ball joints 
and figma swivel joints on neck/elbows/wrists/knees/ankles

She's very poseable with only some slight restrictions here and there

Paint apps on this figma is also quite good with great detailing like the base of her shoes

Now a little fun with effects :)
Poor Ryomou tastes Araragi 3 hit finisher lol

Left punch!

Right Uppercut!!

Araragi Double Kick!!!

A little cos play on Ryomou's figma 

Final impressions

As i really liked both the Baka/Nisemonogatari animes i am very happy to add this figma to my collection of anime characters. I really like her yellow themed character costume design and the effect pieces that came with her.
Though she may look plain, i recommend this figma strongly if you are a fan of the anime.
Till next time, Ciao for now!!

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