Thursday, July 12, 2012

Revoltech Queen's Blade Rebellion #13 Princess Warrior Annelotte review

Recently i just finished watching the Queen's Blade Rebellion anime so guess i'll post a little review of Revoltech's Queen's Blade #13 Warrior Princess Annelotte from the Rebellion series.
These pictures were taken some time back when i was cleaning my shelves lol.
A little back story taken from "The protagonist of Rebellion, Annelotte is the charismatic leader of the Rebel Army. Formerly a member of the Knight Corps of Margrave Kreutz, she was raised as a boy named Alphonse Kreutz. However, tragedy struck when her castle was destroyed by Queen Claudette's forces. While fleeing from Queen Claudette's Assassins in the Elven Forest, she was taken in by Allenye after being wounded and later became her student, receiving formal swords training from her. Seeking revenge for her fallen comrades, she formed the Rebel Army with a group of similarly-fated female warriors in an attempt to overthrow the Queen."
She is also the long lost sister of Aldra as they both share the same demon blood within.

This is a HobbyJapan exclusive which is bundled with a hardcover 'Vanquished Queens' visual book. The book features steamy pics of various defeated QB contestants.
Anyways this is a review of the figure so I won't touch on the book.

The quality of the sculpt of this figure is very good.
The colors is vibrant from the skin tone to her purple coloured hair.

 Her costume consists white,blue and gold colour themed garments
and sliver armors.

 The sculpting of her armors, greaves and boots are very good.
The sliver colour finishing gives it a metallic feel.

Amnelotte comes with 4 interchangeable face sculpts so you have various options depending on your preference.

 Annellote's weapon of choice is a long sword and a shield( though most of the time she's only seen using her shield when riding her spirit horse)
Both of these are nicely sculpted and painted

She has the usual revoltech's revo joints so many poses can be set nicely

A set of battle damaged armors and panties are also included with this set.
Also a small orange revo box, standard QB black stand with Annelotte name and a pair of hands are also included.

 You can 'strip' her outer garments off for a lighter look also :)

Of all the QB figures that i have out of the box, Annelotte is easily one of my favs as i love the overall design/colour of the figure. If you like medieval female Knights i recommend this figure to you.
Hope you folks liked this review :)
Have a nice day & Ciao for now!!