Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LEGO 2518 Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitsu: Nuckal's ATV Review

Hi all! I'm back after a almost 3 months halt in posting...a full THREE months haha  time really flies
when you're doing shit lol.
A lot of things happened during these 3 months, i'm still upgrading my toy room,
started in January when i added a lot of shelves n cabinets so i can display more figures:).
In that process a ton of my MISB 1/6 figures got reallocated causing my room to flood hahaha.
So had to ebay a lot of my figures away:( It got so flooded it over flowed to my son's room haha
Them 1/6 boxes are no joking matter lol,big,heavy and bulky!
Anyways enough yapping! I'm kicking off Nekotoyz revival with a new love i found recently...LEGO!

As i Ebayed off a lot of my toys (mainly Marvel Legends and SICs) which i dug out of storage, i started collecting a few themes which Lego did.
One of them is the Ninjago line. I used to collect a medieval line from Lego's Castle theme some years ago.It had Knights, skeletons, trolls which was a good blend, but Ninjago has Ninjas vs Skeletons in it's 1st story arc. This attracted me as i researched a bit more on its back drop.

I have backtracked and got a number of sets. These skeleton sets were mostly released last year 2011 so lucky for me they are not yet 'Hard To Find' or rare as some Lego sets skyrocket in $$$ when that happens.
I opened and built a number of sets to date so today i'll start with set no: 2518 Nuckal's ATV!

 This set is recommended for ages 7-14 by Lego and i got it for around $45 SGD at OG.

It has 174 pieces so it comes up to about SGD$0.26 per piece. We get 2 minifigures both with weapons, a spinner, Nuckal's ATV and an instruction booklet.
Here's a list of the parts for this set.

Here's the spinner (still mint in bag as i have no use for it now)

First the red ninja of fire Kai DX version. He sports the usual Lego minifigure articulation at the neck, shoulders,wrists and hips.
He is has a torso printing of a dragon blowing flames.the dragon print also extends downwards to the legs

 He comes with a golden katana which can be attached to his back

With his masked removed he bears a determined look. He also has a scar on his left eye.

He doesn't have a double face. He has a printing with a fire dragon logo and his name at the bottom.
Very detailed indeed.

Next we have The skeleton general of Lightning Nuckal
He has a over sized head spotting 5 horns in the middle like a Mohawk do, a plated patch on his right eye,
He wears a black chest armour with blue spiked shoulder guards.
He also wears a blue loincloth at his waist  covering his bones lol

 He has articulation only at the shoulders and his hips

The left side of his skull has a battle damaged crack which adds to the overall detail of this figure
He has a Bone Axe as his weapon which is awesome!

Now let's move on to the main show...
 This ATV is really cool looking! It has 4 large spiked tyres(plastic), A bone head piece in front makes it look menacing!

 It has two large bone tusks on each side.
 A exhaust pipe with fire on the right

Another 4 bone tusks on the back and 2 red brake lights below.

Top view

Bottom view
It has great suspensions also

A very fun built! It looks great in my opinion what do you think?

 The ATV has 2 control sticks for Nuckal to drive it
 Nuckal stands on the driver area.

Lego included some extra pieces with this set , i use an extra skeleton arm to act as a holder for the Bone Axe when Nuckal's driving lol

Another feature of this set is a launching projectile which is activated by the red button on the dashboard
Just press it down and...
 The projectile is fired via a spring action mechanism so keep away from the eyes!

Closing comment: I'll recommend it to anyone who likes Ninjago or skeleton warriors stuff! this is just great stuff from the two very detailed (and cute) minifigures to the awesome ATV....what can i say? It's a bang for your $$.
The built is also quite sturdy as my 3 yr old son QCed the ATV lol. He tested the suspensions, rammed it (quite gently) into the wall a few times and drove it around my living room a few rounds before i did this review! Some parts fell off in the process but in Lego terms most things can be rebuilt again lol.
So here's me signing off again
You folks take care and have a nice day!! Ciao for now!!
Here's a few photoshop fun pics!!


  1. Nice collections and great review!

    Enjoy your new found hobby!

  2. Yeah building the skeleton army brick by brick lol