Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year To All! Here's My Collection Class of 2011 Cheers!

Hi all, this is my 1st post of 2012!
2011 was a turbulent year for many but we also saw many good 1/6 figures being produced by Hottoys, Sideshow and 3A etc.As we bid 2011 farewell, we welcome 2012 and hopefully the many good things to come.
I did a same post last year and the count was 67 then.
I was trying my best to find a 'time slot' to do this photoshoot as it required at least 4-5hrs give or take to gather all 83 of em' out of their shelves to have a happy family photoshoot lol. That's sounds easy but if you have a 2 1/2 yr old (Huge Ironman fan) running around the house that's impossible haha.
Anyways on New Year's Day yesterday night the opportunity came and here it is. Nekotoyz Collection Class Of 2011.
Last year i took the pic in my toy room, this year it had to be done in the living room lol. Pardon the chop chop setup as i had to be fast hee hee.
Quite a change in my display as new ones come, some got sold, some got broken(basically all 5 figures with Triad Toys Otaku bodies only after less than 2 years of shelf life like they have a expiry date) and some went back into their boxes.
Bashes are taken apart to make new bashes. Headplay bust into the 1/6 scene this year and provided people without customizing skills(like myself) with affordable head sculpts. They came in with a bang! producing a lot of heads but their quality is a little hit or miss in the later part of the year. I myself picked up quite a number of them myself.
Now let's get the show on the road!

First the pride of my collection, The Tribe.
Here's my Predator Tribe from left She-Pred, Predator1, Guardian, Wolf, Predator2, Berserker, Lost,
Tracker, Falconer and Predalien (behind doing hands up lol)

Here we have Ghost, Dante, Bloodrayne(bash), New Goblin, Laura, Selene, Spiderman, Blade, Lara Croft(bash) and Captain America.

And here Lara Croft(bash), Ms Marvel(bash), Captain America, Ghost Rider, The Spirit, Saves(Punisher: Warzone), Avenger(Punisher Movie), Sabertooth(bash) and Wolverine.

Sitting on the ledge, Fighting JC and XXXmas Tomorrow Queen Lollistick

Indiana Jones, The Mask, Prince Dastan, Helga and Flamma

Battlesuit Jill Valentine, Black Ninja(sitted behind Jill) & CamoNinja both by Crazy Owners.
And on the back my 5 good fellas Perfection Killer(leon), Chow Ren Fatt (bash), Heroic Face, Danny Trejo(bash), Leonardo DiCaprio. All 5 of them waiting for their boss to come out of his box lol...
The badass known as Scarface(coming soon hee hee)

Here we have Whiplash, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Joker and Harley Quinn.

Barney Ross, Ironman Mk IV, Agent Miller, Ironman Mk VII, Ironman Mk III, Ironman Mk V, Ironman Mk III(Battle Damaged), Tony Stark(bash), War Machine, Transporter(bash) and Ironman Mk IV(secret project)
And on the floor... 501st Clone, Asajj Ventress, Luke Skywalker, Commander Bly, Darth Maul(sorry he looks all black in the photo), Clone wars Anakin Skywalker, ROTS Anakin Skywalker, 501st Clone

Here's my own assemble Counter Terrorist Unit led by Jack Bauer.Basically added a Vin Diesel bash and replace the old Jason Bourne bash with a new one from last year :)

Next my guns for hire group: Slayers led by Evenlyn Salt (red biker chick in front) and the other 6 chicks behind her lol.
My 2 masked PMCs and Tereus behind them.

Zombie Killer: Alice followed by the back row: Chun Li, Kenshiro, Yagami Light and L.
and whew........now that's done a big jump from 67 to 83 haha. that's excluding all them others still in their boxes, anyways one more year before i try something so crazy again. It's a yearly event for me now as i look back at last year's post i can see the difference ant remembered how i managed it last year lol.
Maybe you should try :P
So till next time, Here's another Happy New Year 2012 to you folks and may you guys have a prosperous new year. Ciao for now!