Friday, December 30, 2011

MegaBloks 91202 Captain America Speed Bike Mini Review

Hi folks! New year is just around the corner and while i'm preparing a colossal photoshoot here's a little review of this little avenger which i picked up today.
Got him at a local OG departmental store together with another Spidey racer.
It's Captain America and Speed Bike by MegaBloks.

This is a very small set with less than 40 pieces so it's a easy build.
The packaging is unique as it can be used to store the kit back inside if need to.
It has a pop open top cover which can be closed back with ease.
Out of the box we have an instruction sheet,sticker and a packet of un-assembled bricks except for the captain.

Now small he may be, but has a load of details on him. The sculpting is great plus
paint apps on him is also good for a mini figure :)
He is also has great articulation. Ball joint neck, shoulders, hip area. Elbows and knees can bend plus rotating wrists and waist! That's 12 POAs by my count.Nuff said!!
Now if you ever find the need to hybrid/exchange parts of this figure with another MegaBloks minifigure,
the above mentioned 5 ball jointed areas can be removed/reattached with ease.
Here's some quickie poses...
Shield can be held on either hands or attached to his back.
"Wish i could pose like that with my HT Cap..."

He has very cool articulations in my opinion.
MegaBloks added another great idea into the mix if you want to display your minifigs neatly or 'Hall of Armor' style.
The top of the removable cover can be placed upright to fit the figure in. He's supported via a peg behind his back so he doesn't fall off. Add his sticker at the bottom and walah!
Some extra stickers are also included.

Instructions for the build is coloured and straight forward with a little bit of labelling along the way.

So now let's Build!

"Boy these pieces fit snugly"

"Hmmm nice seat"

"Time for the handles"
"Never forget the Trademark!"
"Keep on Rollin'"
And done! In 20 minutes.
The Speed Bike is coloured red white and blue (a little black and grey)
The whole built (including tyres) is made of hard plastic if i'm not mistaken so it'll last for ages( the stickers might peel though)
This 'TOY' is kid proof as long as the kid is old enough to know it's not meant for eating.
Reminds me a little of the Batpod.

Overall i think this is a good collectors item at a very reasonable price. Just the minifigure itself is a good enough reason to get it. I hope Megabloks follow through and come 2012 releases avengers play sets. Lego has already gotten the DC Universe rights and had already released the first wave, so come on MegaBloks bring forth the Marvel Universe!!
Till next time... Ciao & have a Nice Day!!
"Ye not the only Captain Here!"

"Oh swell! Let's just be friends Huh?!"


  1. very posable for such a small kit

    love it that he build his own bike!