Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hot Toys 1/6 MMS 156 Captain America Review II

Hi all It's that time of the year again! Yes it's Christmas so wish ya all a very Merry Christmas lol. And i can finally put this very belated wrap up of my Captain America review.I did Part 1 three weeks back. Been very busy with work n family these few weeks. In this review let's see how the Cap poses lol.

First here's a few more pics of the head sculpt. Simply put, Awesome!!

Now the big question, he looks great... but how does he pose?
I tried a few poses for this review so let's see how Cap fares.

 CA spots the usual HT double neck ball joints like all HT muscle bodies.
Surprisingly mine keeps popping off when i'm posing him, does yours?

 Here's CA doing a generic pose, His upper body suffers restrictions as there are plastic sheet-like material glued beneath both shoulder guards and his abdominal area.
So to say articulation at the shoulder area  is limited to bending 80 degree sideways (like wing flapping motion) and around 45 degree forward and backwards depending on how extreme you're willing to go .

 Joints are tight in both shoulders so they can hold the above mentioned range of movements with no problems at all. Elbows and wrists sports the typical HT muscle body POAs.

 The upper costume around the torso and abdominal area also sports the same material underneath so articulations there is also hampered.
However both these areas can turn from side to side or forward and backwards if you do it carefully, manipulating the muscle body underneath. The restrictions are there but not as bad as the shoulders area.

POAs below the waist area are great like a typical true type body.
The only catch is( like i mentioned in the !st post) the belt likes to go 'off' position as HT never put it into the belt loops on the pants. So you have to constantly re-adjust
 it after you have setup the pose that you want.

A small nitpick only compared to the shoulder pads issue if you ask me.
Also be careful not to tear the sidearms hostler when posing as it's quite fragile.
Other than that it's perfect POAs from below waist area down lol.

I have not included his ammo strap or machine gun for this review as i feel CA looks better like that.

Here's a few more poses that i set CA up so let's check 'em out :)

Overall the articulations are not perfect but great in my opinion.
You just need to have a little patience to experiment with the figure to pose.
Hope this little review helped you if you're still on the fence about this release.

Once again. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and have a great holiday!! Till next time, ciao!
I leave you now with Cap and his avenger pals :) :) :)


  1. nice pose there!

    the feet on the tube kinda spoil it...

    but nice kit nonetheless

  2. Yeah bro.Had a blast posing this Icon!

  3. nice posing bro....I barely knew that cap A have extreme pose until I saw ur pic ---sorry for bad english----

  4. Yup, it just takes a lot of patience haha but once u set him up the way u want him you'll get the satisfaction! Cheers.