Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 138 Barney Ross Review 3

Hi guys, this is third and last part of my Hottoys MMS 138 Barney Ross review.(you can checkout  Part1 and  Part2 also if you haven't already done that hee.)
This is an awesome figure as I have mentioned countless times so it's also my pleasure to wrap things up today on this post.

In addition to the combat attire Hottoys have included a alternate shirt/jeans/belt attire which Ross wore on his first trip to Vilena. This is a good addition to this already great set, kudos to Hottoys for letting us collectors get our money's worth :).
I'll continue from my previous review, when you strip Barney, you will see that Hottoys have included a pair of white boxer shorts underneath(another nice touch).

Here we have Barney in his jeans

In my opinion Barney looks great like this, plain jeans with a belt, bearing his upper body showcasing his tats.
Jeans is well tailored and it fits nicely on the figure.

Next we put on the green t-shirt and his sunglasses....

The shirt is made of a soft cotton like material and it fits Barney's body nicely also.

I personally like this attire a lot as it's a break from all the action movie figures of late.
It's a civilian alternative which alot of figures out there don't include.
Barney retains all of his articulations in this attire.

Barney comes with a whole slew of accessories:
7 interchangeable hands
black beret
a pair of black colored boots
2 sets of attire:
Combat attire: black-color T-shirt, tac vest, pair of black pants, black belt
Civilian attire: color T-shirt, pair of blue jeans, leather-like brown belt with buckle
Weapons: 2 handguns with hostlers, 1 revolver with hostler, 1 assault rifle, 2 handgun magazines with holder, combat knife with sheath
Accessories: watch, a pair of sunglasses, a  pair of tac goggles, 2 necklaces, black figure stand with Barney Ross nameplate and 'The Expendables" movie logo

The Weapons:

The assault rifle is very detailed and features some nice details.
It has removable magazine, extendable stock, movable safety switch and dust cover and corking handle

But my favourite feature is that the gun can break into this position like a real rifle(another nice touch)
The laser sights,fore grip and light unit can also be removed .

The 2 black handguns that comes with Barney is also well made with fine details.
Removable magazines, corking actions and a very nice black & sliver colour scheme.

Next the old school revolver.It looks plain but has nice features like movable corking handle and turning bullet chamber.

Last but not least, the combat knife and it's sheath.
Nicely sculpted and painted with a sheath that has a working securing strap.

The tac goggles  has Sliver/black frame with yellow lenses and a rubber strap for securing to the figure head.
The sunglasses is moulded one piece with dark gold frame
Both of these are some of the best 1/6 scale eye wear I've seen recently.

Final impressions:
What can i say, if you are a fan of Sly or 'The Expendables' movie this is a must get. This figure is sold out in most places last time i checked and prices is also rising in the secondary market. This figure is too sweet to be missed lol.
Till next time here's nekoman signing off...Ciao for now folks!!