Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kaiyodo Revoltech Queens Blade #012 Ymir Review

Hi folks I'm doing a mini review of another figure from the Kaiyodo Revoltech Queens Blade series , this time it's #012 the hot tempered dwarf Ymir.

I only watched the amine so I'll post a little back story based on what I know
Ymir is the daughter of the dwarven king and like Cattleya, Ymir is a blacksmith and she specializes in crafting premium (expensive)weapons.She has a lot of pride in her profession.

She is often referred to as the steel princess and has a hot temper. She enters the tournament in order to prove the superiority of dwarven weapons. As Cattleya crafts cheap and quality weapons Ymir sees her as a rival. Although a dwarf she wields a large axe and a large iron right handed gauntlet.

On to the review :)

Emir comes in the standard packing with a "Q" cut opening displaying the contents of the set.

Back of the box is also cross-split showing both S and M mode posing options.

Out of the box we have :
-Ymir figure
-extra left hand
-3 extra facial pieces
-Black Revoltech Queens Blade stand with Ymir name
-Giant red axe
-1 set of battle damaged costume
-Revoltech coin and box

The coloured scheme for this figure is light hearted.
Pink,white and sliver gives this figure a cheerful & bright outlook.
Kaiyodo did a good job with the details.

The first thing you notice with this figure is the huge right gauntlet. Unlike other QB figures in the line, this right hand features articulation.

All 5 fingers can be articulated freely.

Like Alice which I reviewed some time back, the hair curls all have individual articulations.

The other parts of this figure features standard revoltech QB POAs which is one of the best in the market today for this scale category.

She can achieve a lot of poses if you're patience enough to do them.

The red axe is also nicely sculpted and the paint app is also good.
It has a peg around the neck area which can be fitted into the gauntlet for more stability.

Nice as this figure is there are 2 things that I don't like,
1- a enraged facial expression should have been included in this set. In the anime Ymir is hot/fast tempered so I feel that none of the face pieces included do the character justice.

2- though Kaiyodo stopped the QB line for a while,
They return with still the crappy type stand. It has double revoltech joints but is weak/loose so can't hold the figure for mid air poses. The Basara and Yamaguchi line has better stands I wonder why they still use these for this line?

Overall impressions, Ymir is one of the main character of QB so you've got to have her in your collection of QB figures. Though short/small in size, her blacksmith skills, courage and heart make her a big player in the tournament.

I'll do more QB reviews as I take them out of box, hope this review was helpful,
Enjoy the Queens Blade battle below
Ciao for now!
Queens Blade Battle: Ymir vs Cattleya


  1. Love the articulation of the fingers!

  2. yeah bro, revoltech spots one of the best POAs in the 150mm market :)